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LOL Wild Rift: Types of Wild Rift Players.

LOL Wild Rift

What are the types of players you have met in LOL Wild Rift? We have a list of them! Every online game has different types of players, and Wild Rift is no exception. From toxic players to trolls.  Below are the list of Wild Rift players types, you will meet in the game!

The Selfish Guy – LOL Wild Rift

LOL Wild Rift

You may often meet some selfish players in Wild Riftas when you play ranked or solo games.

How should you handle these types of players? of course by tolerating them. It usually occurs during draft picks, where players are selecting their Champions and roles. Most of the time, no one is willing to play as Support.

Toxic Type

There is a case where a player made a report in Facebook group, the complainant even went as far as contacting the involved division on Facebook to convey his grievances regarding the attitude of that player. With no apology, the group admin gave a defensive saying that “Players have their own playstyles, the worst kinds are the ones who keep on talking”.

The group admin expressed his willingness to have a face-to-face meeting with the complainant, although with no clear intention. And the complainant also agreed by asking for the admin’s location. Will they really confront each other? Well, there’s still no further info regarding this. 

The Troll

LOL Wild Rift

Next, we have the Trolls. For those who don’t know what is Trolling, It is an act of making fun of other players to provoke an emotional response from them. For example, using Yasuo as a Support or Janna as a Solo-laner. It may be detrimental to your team as the Champion is not suitable for that role. But not a big deal if you’re playing with your friends.

The Whale – LOL Wild Rift

Every Wild Rift player must have known that the game offers a lot of skins, and Riot Games also set the prices for these skins reasonably. But there are a lot of players who buy tonnes of skins for their favorite Champions — They are called the whales. They often spend an amount of money to get all the skins and Champions in Wild Rift. They felt that playing the game without the skins does not complete them.

The KDA Oriented Type

LOL Wild Rift

Next, we have some Wild Rift players who love to show off their kill-death-assist (KDA) ratio. There is nothing wrong with showing off your KDA ratios, but it gets irritating if you keep sharing to groups. There are better things that you can do, for example, your experience in playing a certain Champion. Your experience and understanding of the Champion may become a valuable lesson for other beginner players.