July 31, 2021


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LOL Wild Rift: Updates and notes for patch 2.0

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League of Legends: The first patch of Wild Rift 2021 is here. Patch 2.0 introduces five new champions, a party-finder feature, a new season, and more to the mobile game.

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Wild Rift is available in most regions of the world, with the exception of North America, South America and India. Riot announced that the game will be released in these regions next spring, although an actual release date has not yet been revealed.

Here are the full notes and updates for the Wild Rift 2.0 patch. The balance adjustments for the patch haven’t been released, but they’ll be unveiled soon, according to Riot.

Wild Rift New Champions

Riot has been teasing the addition of new champions over the last few days. It was confirmed today that five Bandle City champions are coming to Wild Rift.

Corki / Kennen / Tristana / Lulu / Teemo

Party Finder

This new feature will allow players to easily choose the ideal allies to jump onto the Summoner’s Rift. Party owners will be able to make their lobby public by clicking on the option at the top right corner of the lobby screen.

Players can join the lobby by navigating to the option screen on the bottom left corner. The open lobby can be filtered by type. The feature will also automatically recommend a number of lobby groups to join.

Latency Indicators removed

Riot removed the latency indicator from the homepage as it was not accurate to display the ping that the player would get in the game.

This has been substituted by a network indicator that tells the network a player is on (WiFi, 4G, and so on) and an in-game indicator that shows the actual latency a player would experience in matches.

Social Sharing – Wild Rift

A social sharing feature has been added to the game, allowing players to share their Facebook stats or save them to a camera roll.

Wild Rift Players will be able to use this feature with an endgame scoreboard, endgame personal performance, most played champion, season rank, win streak, new champ acquired, new skin acquired, and ranking list screens.

Map – Wild Rift

Players will now be able to explore Wild Rift’s abridged Summoner’s Rift in more detail.

Tutorials Optimization  

Players may now be prompted to take performance-enhancing tutorials based on their game play.

Mastery Emotes 

Players will get the emote when they reach Mastery Level 5 with a champion.

Skins – Wild Rift

In this patch, several new skins are coming to the Wild Rift.

Sad Robot Amumu / Urfrider Corki / Arcade Corki / Star Guardian Janna

Star Guardian Jinx / Arctic Ops Kennen / Star Guardian Lulu / Dragon Trainer Lulu / Star Guardian Lux / Cottontail Teemo / Guerilla Tristana / Arclight Varus

Little Devil Teemo / Little Demon Tristana / Wicked Lulu / Super Kennen 

/ Star Guardian Ezreal

Free to play Rotation Champion

7 to 13 January: Barum, Camille, Fizz, Graves, Jhin, Malphite, Orianna, Shyvana, Sona, and Varus.

14 to 20 January: Akali, Alistar, Dr. Mundo, Drave, Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, and Zed.

Ping Reply – Wild Rift

Players can now respond to pings.

Dragon and Baron Respawn Timer

The spawn timers for these monsters will be displayed on the scoreboard. Some improvements to the minimap have also been made to the UI.

Logic Scoreboard

Enemy scoreboard data will now only be updated after players gain view of them.

New Emote Wheel

You can now access the Emotes wheel by holding your champion down.

System Message UI

System messages will not block the view of their own champion from the player.

Detailed Stats

Players will now be able to see a more detailed stats breakdown on the scoreboard’s stats tabs. This involves the reduction of damage (in percentage) of items of armor and magic resistance and conversion from capacity haste to reduction of cooldown.

Prioritization Tower

Super minions will now be prioritized by Towers over Siege Minions.

Season One

On Jan. 8, 2021, the first ranked Wild Rift season will begin. When it ends, every player that participated in season zero will receive some rewards.


With five new champions, a new event called the Yordle Expedition will arrive in the Wild Rift. Through this event, players can find the latest champions.

Miscellaneous Notes

For better game quality and ranked experience, the matchmaking system was tuned. The Leaderboard is currently updated every 10-15 minutes instead of every 24 hours. 

Improvements were made to the chat feature and filters of the friends’ list. For social interactions, some UX changes have also been made.