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Lost Judgment Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment

The latest game from the Yakuza developers is Lost Judgment, the sequel to the 2019 crime thriller Judgment. As with its predecessor, the game takes place in Kamurocho, the same location as the Yakuza series. The mainstream success of series hits like Yakuza 0 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon have recently allowed the series to build a new audience.

The First Three Chapters

Lost Judgment

It’s tempting to jump into an open-world game and wander off the beaten path and explore. This is especially true because there’s so much left to do in Lost Judgment‘s Kamurocho that you could easily get lost in layers of content.

However, for the first three to four chapters, you should follow the story and get a better understanding of the game, its plot, and its mechanics. It will also help the protagonist better prepare for the many side quests and unlock new features available around the city.

Taxi Waypoints – Lost Judgment

The city of Kamurocho is not huge but it has a lot of alleys, distractions, and enemies that make the journey simpler. Of course, exploring on foot and seeing the sights and sounds of town is fun, but sometimes it’s better to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

This can be achieved by using Taxi services scattered around the periphery of the town. They work the same way as fast travel in other open-world games and RPGs. However, they come at a hefty price, and overusing them will mean you won’t earn as many potential skill points.

Supply Of Consumables

Yagami is a skilled fighter with many different fighting styles, so he definitely knows how to handle himself in a difficult situation. However, there will be many instances where he has to confront a boss or be surrounded by a horde of goons that can cause some trouble for him.

For this reason alone, it is recommended that you keep a number of consumables ranging from various foods to bottles of Staminan X. If Yagami’s health starts to get low, then you can pause the action and replenish your health. for him before it’s too late.

Level Up Photo Op Sense – Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment

Yagami’s time in Kamurocho isn’t just spent playing in the Sega Arcade and defeating street thugs, the rest of the time he’s a top-notch private detective with a specific skill set. As a private detective, Yagami needs to track targets with his camera.

Therefore, you should level up Yagami’s Photo Op Sense skill in his abilities tab. Upgrading this skill will cause the controller to vibrate at a photo opportunity. Finally, they should also level up Photo Master because it prolongs the time needed in Photo Missions.

The Tailing Skills

Lost Judgment

Like its predecessor, one of the skills in Lost Judgment that you will be introduced to in the opening of the game is to follow a target. For some, it can be an uncomfortable experience during tailgating as Yagami can stick out like a sore thumb.

To make your experience more rewarding, make sure you unlock the Master of Deception skill first. This will give Yagami more time to act randomly if he is spotted by the target. The normal action mechanic has a timer on it, so expanding this will increase your chances of tracking your target without failing the mission.