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LoveChoice Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners



LoveChoice is a narrative game currently available for most platforms. As the name suggests, the game tells the story of love, and how players can change the outcome of the story based on their choices. The game itself is really simple, and people will find the ending bittersweet at times.

Start Over


Of course, whether things go as planned or not, players should not hesitate to start the game again. There are multiple paths to performance and with it, people can see different possible outcomes.

This is a popular tool for narrative games, where the main attraction is how the player’s choices will affect the ending of the story. While LoveChoice doesn’t have as many options, the game successfully shows how small gestures can have a big impact on a relationship.

Look Around – LoveChoice

Sometimes, the player will have the opportunity to look out at the surroundings. When this happens, they should make sure they do. Just like in real life, there’s a lot that could have been missed if one had focused on a single moment. This feature is like a gentle wake-up call, where the game is a reminder that there is more to it than what lies ahead.

The player may think that the character has had a lonely time before. But after looking around, they will definitely see that there are always people around the protagonist. All they have to do is look.

Hidden Achievements


Just like typical narrative games, the game also has a library of achievements for players to explore. This can be a difficult feat if the player is not aware of the hidden features, but with this knowledge, collecting achievements should only be a walk in the park. 

In total, there are 20 achievements in the three main stories and ten achievements in the side story. Of course, to collect them all, everyone has to play the story over and over, try different options, and find multiple endings.

However, it may be worth noting that some badges will be given out mid-game. So for those, the player won’t have to do the whole story again. Nothing will happen after completing the achievements, but it still has to satisfy the finishers.

Take Your Time – LoveChoice


This tip is a bit related to the previous one where the player could completely ignore the given prompt. Sometimes, “get over it” is probably the easiest way to end a problem. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always yield the best results. Instead, there are times when it’s better to take the time to cool off, as it’s better than saying something that one will regret.

The game applies this concept beautifully. Players can calm down before taking the next step and make sure they won’t hurt their partner in the process.

No Saving Progress

Unlike regular visual novels, LoveChoice doesn’t have a “Save” feature. So pressing “Back to title screen” will not save the current find. While the story itself won’t last long, there are some moments players might not want to lose. For example, there are mini-games that can be troublesome to re-implement. Therefore, the player should finish his story before exiting the game.

Fortunately, this feature only applies to stories. The rest of the game will be saved as normal, so players won’t have to worry about losing their achievements.