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LPL 2020 Summer Standings Week 7: V5 cuts their losing

LPL 2020 Summer Standings Week 7

LPL 2020 Summer Standings Week 7

On July 13, the focus match of Week 7, LPL took place between the top team of Top Esports and the second place of the Victory Five. Below are the LPL 2020 Summer standings week 7.


In game 1, the two teams continued to fight in the top half from the beginning, but in the bottom half of the map, V5 gradually gained the advantage. With the ability to capture the opportunity of the Thresh – Kalista duo and the camps of Graves, V5 quickly mastered the match. Despite Kalista always being targeted in combat, V5 still excess damage to knock down opponents from the Graves card.

In game 2, TES rose to strong control of dragon charms and dominated the fight thanks to Cassiopeia in the hands of Knight. This card possesses a huge amount of damage, enough 1v2, 1v3 to the opponent at the end of the match.

It is thought that TES will continue the winning momentum to finish the opponent but V5 is the ones who can do it. They let TES take advantage of the early stages but unexpectedly turned the game back with a Baron minute situation 32 minutes.

It was a situation where TES’s call Baron was wrong, helping V5’s two major generals Aphelios and Kayle have a comfortable angle to deal damage. In the LPL 2020 Summer standings week 7, V5 end-game succeeds right after that situation, despite the efforts of the opponent.

Excellent player – LPL 2020 Summer standings week 7

LPL 2020 Summer Standings Week 7

V5 won partly thanks to the key contribution of ADC Samd. Although always under pressure in the first game, the Kalista card of this player opened the door for V5 by fighting more actively on the lane. In the deciding match, Samd did not miss the opportunity to show himself when holding in the hands of the “200 years of balance” champion Aphelios helped V5 have a winning match.

LPL 2020 Summer standings week 7

1TOP ESPORTS8117-4 (+13)1L
2VICTORY FIVE8278-7 (+11)3W
3JD GAMING7215-7 (+8)6W
4SUNING7315-10 (+5)5W
5INVICTUS GAMING7315-11 (+4)2W
6TEAM WE6315-9 (+6)1W
7LGD GAMING5311-10 (+1)1W
8VICI GAMING5310-10 (0)4W
9FUNPLUS PHEONIX5413-11 (+2)2L
10ROYAL NEVER GIVE UP5412-10 (+2)1W
11OH MY GOD3610-13 (-3)2L
12EDWARD GAMING369-13 (-4)2L
13BILIBILI GAMING369-14 (-5)1L
14LNG ESPORTS275-15 (-10)6L
15ESTAR GAMING2810-16 (-6)6L
16ROGUE WARRIORS185-17 (-12)1W
17DOMINUS ESPORTS196-18 (-12)3L