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LoL: Summary of LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

The LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results continue with a series of attractive confrontations, in which the most exciting match is the re-enactment of the Mid-Season Cup2020 final between Top Esports and FunPlus Phoenix. In addition, the spectacular transformation of Victory Five from the weak image in the Spring period has also attracted the attention of many fans. Let’s take a look at the remarkable matches of the LPL Summer 2020 Season last week.

LNG Esports 0 – 2 Victory Five – LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

Despite the unfortunate defeat of defending champion World Championship FunPlus Phoenix in the first match of week 5, Victory Five easily defeated eStar Gaming with a score of 2-0 in the next match to maintain the second place on the LPL 2020 Summer standings. At LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results, V5 only had to face a submerged LNG Esports in the bottom group of the standings, and this is an excellent opportunity for V5 to continue the series of promotions. his flowers.

The V5’s bot lane – AD carry Samd and PPGOD support – continue to do a great job of capturing the bot lane and assist with vision control in the dragon area. In-game 1, V5 easily got the Wind dragon spirit very early, then successfully control the Baron buff. LNG could not prevent a large amount of damage coming from a Leblanc 6/0/4 and a Jhin 4/0/8 on the V5 side, thereby forcing a defeat in game 1.

Entering game 2, LNG chose the “aggressive” play in the bottom lane right from the beginning, and that strategy was somewhat successful when V5’s gunner had to lie down from the 2nd minute. However, all of those advantages were gone, when V5 had a situation of robbing the Fire dragon and causing 4 people on the LNG side to lie down. That is the hinge situation of the match. V5 continued to maintain the advantage and ended the match with a 2-0 victory.

Vici Gaming 2 – 1 FunPlus Phoenix

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results

The biggest surprise of the 6th week was rookie Vici Gaming defeated defending champion CKTGFunPlus Phoenix in the match that took place in the middle of the week. Vici is known to be a team that often struggles with Chinese LoL giants, and they once again did it with a 2-1 victory over FPX. Both teams brought surprising cards and played well, but Vici was the winner.

The former coach of SKT T1 and now the captain of Vici – kkOma – understand that the power of the “phoenix” FPX comes from their two solo laners: Khan and Doinb. Therefore, Vici focuses heavily on team fighting situations, instead of seeking to gain an advantage in the laning phase.

Vici’s jungler – Aix – had a brilliant performance with General Nidalee in game 2, getting himself 11 kills. He received great support from the road between Zeka and Hang support. In the opposite direction, FPX tried to protect the source of damage coming from Ashe in Lwx’s hands, but in one day Vici did too well the task of “capturing” Lwx, Ashe had no space to deal damage. in both game 2 and game 3.

Despite the advantage in the deciding match, FPX was too confident and lost the Elder Dragon, Baron, and the main house after a failed fight against Vici. With a squad of mostly young talents and the main star iBoy, Vici has had more wins to date than the Spring combined. This victory marked Vici’s fourth successive victory, and FPX had to end its winning streak at 3 in the LPL 2020 Summer Week 6 results.