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LPL 2020 Summer Week 6: Tes Continue Flight High

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6

LPL is one of League’s most extreme tournaments. The tournament is continuous without holidays. Preparation for the next match sometimes takes less than 24 hours. Therefore, a name that is unknown when losing like TES is really remarkable. As for Vietnamese “prodigy” SofM, the opportunity to play in the Playoffs is wide open after convincing victories. This is what happened in LPL 2020 summer week 6.

JDG has two easy wins

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6

The defending champion JDG only has to meet two teams that are not overestimated in terms of form: EDG and LGD. Two victories are inevitable. Kanavi still proves his very important role in the way of playing the game that the current LPL champion is still pursuing. They almost certainly made it to the Playoffs round and now is probably the time to bring more tests.

Meanwhile, IG seems to be having some gameplay issues. The support position is uncertain, and the coaching staff of this team is forced to test both Baolan, and Reheal alongside Southwind played since the beginning of the season. The two tough victories against BLG and ES rivals could not reassure the 2018 World Championship fans, especially when the sprint period was near.

Tes Continue Flight High – LPL 2020 summer week 6

LPL 2020 Summer Week 6

TES does not take as much energy as many people think to take down the reigning world champion FPX. Karsa is still playing the role while the Knight – Jackeylove couple still shows the ability to cause scary damage in team fights.

Statistics show that Knight and Jackeylove are the ones who make the most damage in each position they play throughout this season. This comes from the ability to coordinate as well as the sensitivity to the dangers that the couple has in them. TES’s next challenge is VG – the team is led by former SKT coach Kkoma and is having a series of 4 consecutive victories.

As for SofM fans, in the LPL 2020 summer week 6, they must have had moments of anxiety when SN had to go through 3 intense games with ES – the team did not play well recently. SofM still showed the ability to carry his team with Graves. If SN reaches the Playoffs, this champion is likely forced to be banned by the opponent. But this will be an opportunity for other SN positions to play a forehand.

LPL 2020 summer standings week 6

LPL 2020 summer standings week 6
1Top Esports8-0100%16-289%+148W
2Victory Five7-278%16-673%+102W
3JD Gaming7-278%15-768%+86W
4Invictus Gaming7-370%15-1158%+42W
5Team WE6-367%15-963%+61W
7LGD Gaming5-363%11-1052%+11W
8Vici Gaming5-363%10-1050%04W
9FunPlus Pheonix5-456%13-1154%+22L
10Royal Never Give Up5-456%12-1055%+21W
11Bilibili Gaming3-538%8-1240%-41W
12Oh My God3-633%10-1343%-32L
13EDward Gaming3-633%9-1341%-42L
14LNG Esports2-722%5-1525%-106L
15eStar Gaming2-820%10-1638%-66L
16Rogue Warriors1-811%5-1723%-121W
17Dominus Esports1-910%6-1825%-123L