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League of Legends – LPL 2020 Summer Week 7 results

LPL 2020 Summer Week 7

LPL 2020 Summer Week 7

This is the weakest achievement of FPX since taking the throne at the World Championship. On July 19, FPX closed LPL 2020 Summer Week 7, LPL Summer 2020 with a weak defeat 0-2 before JDG.

Match Developments

LPL 2020 Summer Week 7

In the LPL 2020 Summer Week 7, FPX had a good start to game 1 when he got 2 dragons, the bottom of the bottom lane was a lot of kills. However, that is all they can do in this match because the rest is the destruction of JDG. Just a successful fight in the 19th minute, JDG took control, putting pressure on the mid lane before defeating Baron in the 23rd minute. FPX’s subsequent efforts only helped Aphelios in LokeN’s hands. KDA beauty and helpless watching the main house explode in the 30th minute.

In-game 2, the situations of reversing and finding odd opportunities for both teams made the match take place at a very high pace. JDG with three picks of Graves, Twisted Fate, and Bard has a faster movement rhythm that makes FPX always in a passive situation. By the 25th minute, the amount of spacing was up to 11,000, which makes FPX always lack damage to defeat opponents despite a strong fighting team.

As for JDG, this team only needs to get the second Baron to finish the opponent after nearly 30 minutes of play.

LPL 2020 Summer Week 7 Excellent players

Still Kanavi, the Korean player continues to be the brightest star in the JDG squad. Despite losing control of the jungle in the first game, Sett in Kanavi’s hands was still very strong in the team fights, helping JDG to soon find an advantage. In the following game, FPX made a mistake by letting Kanavi get the Graves which led to their tanker situations being shocked.

LPL 2020 Summer Week 7 standings

1TOP ESPORTS9119-4 (+15)1W
2JD GAMING9219-8 (+11)8W
3INVICTUS GAMING9319-12 (+7)4W
4VICTORY FIVE8218-7 (+11)3W
5SUNING8317-11 (+6)6W
6TEAM WE7317-10 (+7)2W
7LGD GAMING6413-12 (+1)1W