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LPL Summer 2020 Results 13/7: SofM won MVP, SN into the Top 4

LPL Summer 2020 Results

LPL Summer 2020 Results

LPL Summer 2020 Results 13/7. Update the happenings and results of the LPL Summer 2020: Sofm and SN have a chance to reach the Top 4 if they defeat BLG.

SN vs BLG: 2-1- LPL Summer 2020 results

LPL Summer 2020 Results

Game 3

BLG proved to outperform SN in the ability to ban. And this helped them play better than the opponent in the first minutes.

However, Angel and bin played extremely well in team fights to get the game moving in a favorable direction. And in the decisive battle phase, SofM shone with an extremely accurate set of ice piles to help SN reverse the situation, and win the MVP title of Game 3 as the LPL Summer 2020 results.

Game 2

SofM’s Lee Sin helped SN to start better than the opponent. However, Suning could not take advantage of this and let Wings’s Aphelios reach the threshold of strength. The entire SN squad was helpless before the fire of Aphelios in the late game.

Game 1

It is too wrong to have SofM take Graves when SN’s jungler is 3 levels higher than the BLG’s jungler. And with a well-controlled play and a huge difference coming from the top half of the map, SN didn’t have much difficulty in game 1.

TES vs V5: 1-2

LPL Summer 2020 Results

The mistake at the Baron made Top Esports pay the price. TES’s 8-match unbeaten run was stopped by a brave and proactive V5!

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