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LPL Summer 2020 Week 9: Too Many Mistake

LPL Summer 2020 Week 9

LPL Summer 2020 Week 9

Suning entered the confrontation with defending champion Mid Season Cup Top Esports in LPL Summer 2020 week 9 with luggage being a series of 8 consecutive victories. However, TES has proven why they are considered as the No. 1 candidates for the LPL summer championship title in 2020. The MVP of the match is none other than the brightest name in their squad, who Knight’s path with Syndra, a champion with a 100% win rate in the hand of the “Left-Hand prodigy”.

SN continueous win was stopped by TES

LPL Summer 2020 Week 9

Game 1 – LPL Summer 2020 week 9

Suning started the first game not bad. Sofm with Volibear option had good ganking situations in the early game to create advantages for the road, especially the players on the Bin with Renekton. Along with that, SN junglers also do well in controlling big targets when successfully controlling the two enchantments of Khe Rift Herald and 3 Dragon buffs. After a successful fight in the 26th minute, Sofm and his teammates gained both Baron and Soul Dragon charms.

However, the indecisive moves in the late game made Suning lose everything. They in turn let Top Esports successfully control both the Baron charm and the Elder Dragon, thereby receiving an unfortunate defeat after 42 minutes.

Game 2 – LPL Summer 2020 week 9

LPL Summer 2020 Week 9

Entering the second game, Suning with Sofm’s maneuverability continued to have the advantage of kills in the early game, especially the two wings with two cards Wukong and Aphelios. However, leaving Syndra in Knight’s hands has many kills and losing up to 3 Dragon buffs, causing SN to face a lot of difficulties in the next period.

In the 22nd minute, SN lost everything in the fight phase in the Dragon Cave. Karsa successfully punished TES to get the Dragon Spirit, and at the same time, defending champion Mid Season Cup got 4 kills in this fight phase.

Leaving TES successfully controlled the Baron buff, along with the opponent’s mainstay having the equipment, makes the SN completely passive. Knight and Ashe’s Syndra in the hands of JackeyLove completely destroyed Suning’s line-up in the Thousand-Year Dragon Cave and ended the game after 29 minutes.

This victory helped Top Esports balance the number of wins with defending champion JD Gaming. Meanwhile, Suning still stopped at 10 wins. However, the opportunity for Sofm and his teammates to the playoff is still great when the distance with the pursuing group is relatively safe in LPL Summer 2020 week 9.