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Heroes of the Storm: Lt. Morales Talent Build Guide


Lt. Morales is a powerful single-target healer who can provide Armor to Allied Heroes, but her lack of mobility and crowd control makes her an easy target to target attack, especially if you’re not careful with her position.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Lt. Morales



  • Strongly heals one target through the Healing Beam and reduces damage through Safeguard
  • Ability to interrupt any Fixed Channeling with Teleport Grenade
  • Team up with marksmanship thanks to Stim Drone
  • Complete global group with Medivac Dropship


  • Almost non-existent crowd control
  • No escape Abilities
  • Low self-healing
  • Lack of area of effect healing
  • Healing Beam is quite Energy consuming

Talent Build of Lt. Morales

Healing Beam Build

Caduceus Feedback (lv1) – Life Support, Cellular Reactor (lv4), Trauma Trigger (lv4), Vanadium Plating (lv7), Physical Therapy – Medi-Drone, Stim Drone (lv10), System Shock (lv13), First Responder (lv16) – Shield Sequencer – Entended Care (lv16), Caduceus Reactor 2.0 (lv20) – Hyperactivity.

Healing Beam build of Lt. Morales is designed to get as much value as possible from the Hero by increasing her Energy and reducing the damage inflicted by enemy Heroes in one way or another. Talents like Staff Response or Level 1 Lifetime Support instead contribute well to this plan as the additional Energy provided makes it possible to use the Healing Beam for longer than usual. and allows you to activate the Cell Reactor at Level 4. To further increase its strength by the defense, we choose the damage reduction provided by the Shock System at Level 13.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

She requires a solid Tank that can continuously remove multiple enemy Heroes from her (eg E.T.C.). If you want to get some value from the Stim Drone, you need a marksman on your team (eg Sgt. Hammer).

Countered by:

Considering that the Healing Beam needs the targeted Allied Hero to be in range for the entire duration and not just the moment you use it, Lt. Morales must face Heroes with Teleport effects ( such as Garrosh). Due to her limited self-healing and lack of crowd control, she dislikes fighting add-on combos that rely on aggressive Heroes who can directly engage her by bypassing the frontlines. her own (eg Zeratul and Anub’arak).

What is often overlooked is the fact that she takes damage from a molester as it can drain her entire Energy in about 20 seconds, something that will leave her nearly useless for a while. Due to her active energy, she doesn’t want prolonged fights, especially when the enemy is able to gain value from them (such as Auriel). Last but not least, she definitely takes damage according to the area of ​​effect (eg Lunara) as all of her Skills can heal or mitigate the damage.

Maps of Lt. Morales


She performed better on the Map where the team’s battles could not develop on different fronts as she struggled with flanking and diving strategies. The infamous backdoor strategy involving Medivac Dropship works best on the Big Maps (preferably Sky Temple) and can completely reverse their ranks.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Healing Beam can heal Lt. Morales relies on Staff Response without spending Mana if the healed target is currently at full Health.
  • When healing a Hero, especially if melee, try to synchronize your movements with theirs to avoid getting out of position and being focused by the enemy team.
  • Do not use Safeguard in random moments but instead try to use it as it will minimize the damage amount.
  • You can re-enable Displacement Grenade so that it explodes immediately instead of at its maximum range.
  • While the Stim Drone’s best targets are marksmen, you can sometimes use it on Heroes of different Roles when they need Movement Speed ​​to chase or run away.
  • Short-range Medivac Dropship can protect you from danger without leaving your party without their Healer for too much time.