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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide – Beginner’s Tips You Should Know

Luigi's Mansion 3

With the arrival and success of Luigi’s Mansion 3, players have to explore the haunted castle to save everyone imprisoned by King Boo and Hellen Gravely. Veterans can feel at home with this series, but for everyone else, here’s a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know to finish the game like a pro.

Gold Coins – Luigi’s Mansion 3

With that said, gold will be found everywhere in the hotel. The most effective way to earn gold is to catch Gold Ghosts, but they require a bit of effort as they are hidden on every floor of the hotel. Like regular ghosts, these ghosts will be dazzled by the flickering light from your flashlight, then sucked up, but need to be done quickly as they only appear once and then never repeat. Gold bars are another important part of the game that adds a significant amount of gold and can be found in the same places as normal coins.

Luigi's Mansion 3

This money can be spent on one of three things, first, there’s a Gold Bone, which is basically an extra life. If your total health drops to 0, Polterpup will come to assist. These are great things to watch out for, but much of it depends on how well the player handles each boss. Second, the Boo Finder and Gem Finder are cartridges that show the location of either item on the player map, each of these items costs 1,000 coins each.

The good news is that it’s not hard to accumulate gold – quite the opposite. In particular, if you explore and search each room, players will find for themselves countless excess coins immediately.

Multiplayer Modes

In addition to the local co-op story mode with Gooigi, Luigi’s Mansion 3 features additional multiplayer modes. Players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership can join ScareScraper, a co-op ghost fighting game. Up to eight players can join locally or online and work to save Toad and capture ghosts.

ScreamPark is a mode that divides players into one of two teams, Luigis and Gooigis. Each team goes head-to-head in Forts, Floating Coins, or Ghost Hunt. This is the only multiplayer mode for now, but Nintendo has hinted at more in the future in the form of DLC.

Tips And Tricks

Luigi's Mansion 3

Clean everything! Smoking Poltergust isn’t just for solving occasional puzzles and fighting ghosts, it often reveals secrets, helping you find more coins and find gems. Players who want to learn everything about the hotel should not leave a certain corner.

Backtrack to success and keep looking, like Super Mario Odyssey, players quickly earn the ability to move from level to level, but there’s no reason to rush. After the floor boss is defeated, the player should go back and explore areas you may not have been to before to find more coins or other secrets in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Perhaps most important of all, Heart can boost your overall health. 

These are hidden and are mostly found upon careful inspection, and so all the more reason to investigate things before moving on to a new floor.

Single-Player Mode – Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3

By default, the game contains a single-player campaign with control of Luigi, but after completing just a few short missions, the player will also gain access to Gooigi. After returning E.Gadd’s briefcase to the lab, the player can select “Co-Op” in the game’s menu and both controllers will be available for use. Nearly the entire campaign can be played this way, so treat the majority of the game as a two-player adventure!