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Heroes of the Storm: Lunara Talent Build Guide


Lunara is a long-range assassin who relies on high Movement Speed and damage over time to fight enemies from a long distance. She combines the ability to bestow vision for her team with powerful basic moves and outstanding maneuverability, especially in the later stages of the game. As the most ranged Assassin, she requires good positioning and maps awareness in order to unleash her true powers. She is a challenging Hero to master, however, she is a very rewarding Assassin, capable of making a big impact on team fights and teamfights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Lunara



  • DPS remains strong in fights.
  • Good PvE capabilities with precise talents.
  • Very portable due to the trait.


  • Susceptible to crowd control
  • Fairly high learning curve
  • No real burst damage
  • Requires good positioning

Talent Build of Lunara

Standard Auto Attack Build

Sentinel Wisp (lv1) – Hippity Hop, Natura’s Culling (lv4), Splintered Spear (lv7), Leaping Strike (lv10), Let Them Wither (lv13), Unfair Advantage (lv16) – Invigorating Spores, Intensifying Toxin (lv20)

The standard automatic attack build is where Lunara shines the most. Focusing on stacking her poison on all enemies will reward you a lot at once at 3 stacks, slowly killing the enemy. Leaping Strike is the most viable Hero skill due to the small explosion damage it has and also allows you to cling to the target in case they run away.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

She works with various Heroes and different party elements, however, she really shines if paired with crowd control heavy heroes like Arthas, Jaina, or Muradin, who all offer grants lots of Movement Speed for talent her unhealthy advantage at Level 16 to gain value from.

Countered by:

Lunara is countered by two things: Mobile assassins like Illidan or Genji can chase after her even after she uses Leaping Strike and the strong AoE heal provided by Healers like Malfurion or Stukov Those who can block Nature’s Toxin’s poison damage.

Maps of Lunara


She works pretty well on most maps, with the exception of Warhead Junction, where her inability to use amount left her feeling cramped and slow. On the Battlefield of Eternity, however, she feels even stronger than other battlefields thanks to her Level 4 talent Nature’s Culling, which allows her to do heavy damage to enemy Immortals.

Tips and Tricks

  • Her inability to use her mount is both a blessing and a curse. In teamfights, be sure to use your increased Movement Speed ​​to drop enemy Heroes. Outside of fights, don’t forget to notify your teammates of your position during rotation if you are falling behind.
  • Leaping Strike is a great escape mechanic against tough Tanks and melee assassins like Illidan or Muradin.
  • Her effectiveness sometimes depends on the type of Healing Hero the opponent team chooses during draft time. While she’s up against single target healers like Lt. Morales or Uther, her AoE damage over time will be countered by strong AoE healers like Stukov or Malfurion.
  • On larger maps, Hippity Hop allows Lunara to rotate as fast as any mounted Hero, which keeps her very close to her ally.