April 19, 2021


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Luo Yi Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems

Luo Yi

Luo Yi

Luo Yi, Yin-Yang Geomancer, is a free hero available to everyone playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and just released not long ago. In this article, we will introduce to you some basic guidelines to help you master her quickly.

Skills of Luo Yi

 Luo Yi

Passive: Duality

The skills of Luo Yi benefit from Chi Yin and Chi Yang mechanics. Whenever two enemy champions with two opposing markers come together, Onmyouji will activate, causing them to collide with each other and take damage, and be stunned. In addition, when Yin-Yang Reaction occurs, she will receive a class of Virtual Armor and speed up for a brief moment.

Tip: As the foundation of her gameplay mechanics, Passive helps a lot for damage output, crowd control, and survival. Remember, the more Reverse Yin and Yang are activated, the more likely you are to win.

Skill 1: Dispersion

Luo Yi releases Yang or Yin energies in the designated direction, each execution will alternate between Yin and Yang. The energy source will scatter upon hitting the first target, dealing damage to that target, and the targets behind in a propeller pattern. At the same time, carving Yang or Yin mark on the target hit. Her skill 1 is the main ability to deal damage. Furthermore, it was also the first step to activating the Yin-Yang Reaction.

Tip: Skilfully carving your marks on all targets in teamfights is the key to glory.

Skill 2: Rotation

 Luo Yi

She summons the Fire of Yang or Aqua of Yin at a target area, slowing the enemy’s speed and dealing continuous damage. During the duration, Yin-Yang Reaction will activate if a target with the opposite seal is near the effect range. Note! The Yin and Yang nature of this ability changes with each cast.

Tip: In general, skill 2 allows Luo Yi to activate Yin-Yang Reaction with ease. When there is a target with the opposite mark of this ability’s status, she should immediately cast her skill to activate Yin-Yang Reaction and deal continuous damage.

Skill 3: Diversion

Luo Yi summoned a teleportation magic circle around herself. After 3 seconds of chanting, she will teleport allied champions in the field to another location on the map. While chanting, she can still move or attack.

Tip: Diversion is a highly tactical secret weapon. She can teleport an entire team to a safe location, or play in a split strategy, such as moving an ally with good crowd control to the back of the opposing team. This skill is useful in many situations, when on chase, when on the run, or when roaming.

Skills increasing Hints: Maximize Skill 1 first, followed by Skill 2, ultimate (Skill 3) to raise at the right level.

Battle spells and Emblems for Luo Yi

Battle spell:

Flameshot – Sprint


Mage Emblem: Agility – Observation – Magic Worship

How to build items for Luo Yi

  • Arcane Boots + Lightning Truncheon + Glowing Wand + Holy Crystal + Genius Wand + Blood Wings
  • Demon Boots + Ice Queen Wand + Fleeing Time + Glowing Wand + Necklace of Durance + Blood Wings
  • Courage Mask + Demon Boots + Ice Queen Wand + Fleeing Time + Thunder Belt + Blood Wings