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CS: GO – m0NESY: The prodigy doesn’t wait for Na`vi’s age

lya Osipov “m0NESY”, the shining jewel of the CIS regional CS platform

lya Osipov “m0NESY”, the shining jewel of the CIS regional CS platform

m0NESY is currently a gamer belonging to Na` vi. m0NESY is being evaluated as one of the brightest talents of the CIS region in particular and the global CS platform in general.


In recent years, along with the development and popularity of CS: GO, more and more young talents appear and get noticed in the professional arena. The common point of these talents is that they have great personal skills with excellent aim ability and even though they do not have the experience of playing as a senior, they compensate with good sense game. 

lya Osipov “m0NESY”, the shining jewel of the CIS regional CS platform
lya Osipov “m0NESY”, the shining jewel of the CIS regional CS platform

There have been many names that have made their names in recent years such as ZywOo, frozen, Ropz, oBo, etc. and a very prominent name is Ilya Osipov, the name in the game is m0NESY, a throne The 15-year-old star who plays for Na`vi is known as the bright pearl of the CIS regional CS.

Born and raised in Russia, an area of CS development, m0NESY has been exposed to CS at a very young age and began playing CS 1.6 at the age of 6. At the age of 9, he switched to playing CS: GO and it only took a year to reach Global Elite, the highest rank in the MM system of CS: GO. Not stopping here, he started playing FACEIT and once again made many people stunned when it only took 150 games to reach level 10 and each level up to 3,800 elo.

“Genius is percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” the quote of inventor Thomas Edison is completely accurate with the case of m0nesy so far his steam account has nearly 9,900 CS: GO in-game hours and he spends more than 50 hours a week in CS: GO.

Another interesting thing about this young talent is that before m0NESY came to CS: GO, he had more than 3,000 hours of playing Dota2, but then he gave up and switched to playing professionally after his brother. his introduction.


In early 2020, m0NESY officially joined the Na` vi ranks. Junior, a Na` vi project with the goal of honing and developing the talents of the CIS region. At that time not many people knew the name m0NESY, but by March 2020 he had received an invitation to compete at FPL, the highest level of FaceIT, and where the world’s most prestigious stars competed. and practice. 

m0NESY is one of the youngest players to play in the FPL, helping him stand in the same line as the stars playing for top teams in the world such as Ropz, frozen, ZywOo, oBo, etc. The talent of course is extremely valuable, but at m0NESY we also see the indispensable qualities of a world-class star. Mikey, FIT’s director of product promotion and FPL project management, commented on m0nesy: “From the pro player review and m0nesy’s stats, I can confirm that he is one of the best talents ever to appear at FPL and possibly the best player CS: GO at the age of 15.”

M0NESY's personal skills are indisputable
M0NESY’s personal skills are indisputable

“Although still very young, he has been widely recognized as one of the 10 best FPL players. It’s really crazy, but at m0NESY we see something even more valuable than talent: he is extremely mature, hard-working, always keeps calm, gives the right advice to players, and praises them in private conversations.”

It can be seen that at m0NESY converges all the elements of a big star in the future: natural talent, passionate passion for CS, maturity in thinking and calmness over the age of 15 of yourself. If m0NESY continues on the path chosen, just as Mickey said, the world’s # 1 title will surely one day belong to his hands.