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M1 EDEN vs PACT Prediction

M1 EDEN vs PACT Prediction

M1 EDEN vs PACT prediction on October 29, 2021. There aren’t too many opportunities for M1 EDEN in this match. They don’t have a map with a higher win rate than their opponents. That’s because they haven’t attended too many matches as well as most of the matches practice but not officially.

M1 EDEN Overview

Although a name that is not yet in the world rankings, M1 EDEN is showing great determination in this match. Because their opponent is PACT, the team that has just defeated not long ago in a match also in the tournament. ESL Mistrzostwa Polski. However, it is a somewhat lucky Bo1 bet, this meeting M1 EDEN is expected to be difficult to surprise when it is a Bo3 that requires more calculations.

PACT Overview

On the other side of the PACT front line, they are also quite looking forward to this match. Because in the previous 4 encounters, they won 3 matches of M1 EDEN and only received 1 loss. Of course, you must defeat the opponent thoroughly in a Bo3 match to prove your superiority. According to experts, with a team that is not as experienced as M1 EDEN, it is likely to be a match lost quickly.

M1 EDEN vs PACT Prediction

It is very clear that PACT has a big advantage with 3 outstanding maps, Nuke – Overpass – Vertigo. It helps them to be proactive in the ban/pick phase to eliminate the maps that they did not perform well. Maybe PACT’s ban will target Inferno where they have never won in the past 3 months, and about M1 EDEN. There is no choice but to ban Vertigo map with the highest win rate of PACT. 

However, PACT still has too many maps to choose from, while M1 EDEN has a headache finding a map to pull back. But it will most likely be Dust 2, another bad map of PACT.

However, it must be admitted that the strength of M1 EDEN is too weak in this match. Looking at the statistics of their last 10 matches will see it most clearly. In all 10 matches, M1 EDEN brought 2 wins, one of which was of course a victory over PACT. But the other was only awarded because Endpoint dropped the prize.

It can be seen that if you look at PACT, everything is much more positive. At least with their 10 matches they still bring back 5 victories, which is much superior to the opponent. In fact, PACT is of course at a much higher level than the opponent. This has been verified when the previous confrontations PACT overwhelmed with victories even though it was only a bo1.

M1 EDEN vs PACT Bet Prediction

M1 EDEN vs PACT total score prediction:

  • Game 1: M1 EDEN 0-1 PACT
  • Game 2: M1 EDEN 0-1 PACT

Total score 0-2 (PACT wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: PACT
  • Game 2: PACT

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: M1 EDEN 9-16 PACT (Under)
  • Game 2: M1 EDEN 6-16 PACT (Under)


M1 EDEN: xenn, s1n, pdy, red, kyuubii

PACT: kRYSTAL, PANIX, ScrunK, stfN, Krimbo