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M19 Setup Guide And Best Attachments For Your Class in Modern Warfare



The M19 pistol in Modern Warfare is the perfect sub-weapon in Season 5 for the more aggressive players, thanks to its semi-automatic firing mechanism and its fast fire rate.

This compact pistol is excellent in melee combat thanks to its ability to use it similar to a semi-automatic assault rifle. At a further range, it could be used but it needed some discipline to trigger and aim accurately.

M19 Stats


The M19 is a semi-automatic pistol in the Modern War. It is most likely based on the M17 or M18 pistol made by Sig Sauer Inc for the US Army.


  • Head: 61-48
  • Upper Chest: 36-28
  • Lower Chest: 30-24
  • Legs: 28-22

Based on the weapon stats above. Its shot to kill was on average 4 to 5. This makes the M19 the slowest killing pistol in Modern Warfare.

It is definitely the worst pistol in the game based on damage and range. The only thing it offers is the large magazine size at 17 rounds per mag. It definitely needs it to make up for the tremendous amount of damage and range.

  • Rate of Fire: 300 RPM
  • Time to Kill: Slow

Recommended Attachments

  • XRK V Extended (Barrel)
  • Match Grade Trigger (Trigger Action)
  • 32 Round Mags(Ammunition)
  • Granulated Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
  • Mo’ Money (Perk)

The combination of these accessories provides a strong amount of damage at close range and a minimal level of recoil for the highest level of accuracy.

Having 32 bullets in the magazine is ideal for taking down multiple enemies in succession.

Choosing Mo ‘Money as a privilege over another attachment gives you the chance to earn extra XP when you score a header.

M19 Recommended Perks

Double Time is the first perk is the perfect perk to quickly navigate around the map and dodge all enemy fire.

For privilege two, we’ve chosen Hardline to do less than one kills to earn, allowing for a higher number of kills to be easily earned.

Any sub-weapon must have Amped as its third perk because of its fast weapon swap speed. Need to finish off enemies but run out of ammo with your main weapon? Switch to a strong secondary to ensure destruction!

M19 Top Tips


All Out Aggression

Thanks to a high amount of damage and equipped with a fast-firing trigger, playing with speed and aggression can lead to many high-killing games. The rate of fire can compete with sub-machine gunners at close range, making this secondary rifle a perfect addition to the assault rifle for you to have the best combination at long range and short.


Instead of spending most of the game’s time on passive aiming (ADS), it’s easy to react quickly to a target when using the M19. Switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading your primary weapon, so use its fast ADS speed to capture oncoming enemies.

Aim for The Head!

Equipping pre-mo ‘as a weapon prerogative means ensuring a headshot will give you increased XP. The low recoil level and clear iron sights make aiming a shot in the head very easy compared to some of the other pistols in the game. The combination of fast fire rate and low recoil makes the kill time very fast when aiming at the upper half of the body.