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Mad Lion vs OFFSET Prediction – FiReLEAGUE 2021: Iberia – 11/08

Mad Lion vs OFFSET Prediction

Mad Lion vs OFFSET Prediction

Mad Lion vs OFFSET prediction on November 08, 2021. FiReLEAGUE 2021: Iberia lives up to its name. A small-scale tournament encapsulated in the Iberian peninsula, all members participating are only teams from Spain and Portugal. Mad Lion is registered as based in Spain, but this is the team. The only professional player with a long tradition that we have known.

Mad Lion Overview

Previously, the two teams had met in a BO2 match. Mad Lion won 2-0 very easily with a score of 16-9 and 16-5. In fact, the match reflects very well the level of the two teams playing at the moment. 

The reason that Mad Lion is ranked 21st HLTV is that they have participated in several major world tournaments and the results are extremely good. Looking at how Mad Lion beat Entropid, Evil Geniuses, and even G2 (runner up). Major last night). Obviously, Mad Lion has come a long way in their own long-time career path.

OFFSET Overview

As for OFFSET, although they were founded 4 years ago, it is clear that in a low-lying area of ​​e-sports like the Iberian peninsula. We do not have the opportunity to see them compete and almost all information is just number 0. One thing is for sure, to go to the final they still have to have strength with the element of luck.

Mad Lion vs OFFSET Prediction

One character that cannot be ignored is Woro2k. Looking at his name, many people guessed it, the guy born in 2001 created a small earthquake. Competing with the biggest names of CSGO in the world while still maintaining his confidence and determination. 

It is because of Woro2k’s professional shine that has created a great inspiration for all teammates. This does not mean that Mad Lion depends on a fixed “life source”. Basically, this is still a team that plays in favor of discipline and collective tactics. Their resounding victories in recent times have come from the perfectly matched gears of this machine and this is Mad Lion’s most feared weapon.

Luckily, OFFSET dodged SAW in the semi-finals. So with this luck plus a relaxed spirit, there is nothing to lose the probability of creating a miracle of OFFSET is still there. Other than that, we can see there is almost no way that OFFSET can be a winner. This week we’ve seen a lot of big falls from e-sports to traditional sports, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if OFFSET suddenly won.

The sub-stats are also very difficult to judge, if Mad Lion plays seriously they will beat OFFSET quickly. But it also loses the attractiveness of a grand final. Then the ear numbers are still worth considering! If you win a lot, you can choose the total OFFSET guy and will become a hero with a huge explosion but super profit still comes with very high risk.

Mad Lion vs OFFSET Bet Prediction

Mad Lion vs OFFSET total score prediction: Mad Lion 2-1 OFFSET

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Mad Lion 11 – 16 OFFSET  (Over)
  • Game 2: Mad Lion 16 – 12 OFFSET (Over)
  • Game 3: Mad Lion 16 – 08 OFFSET (Under)


Mad Lion:  b0RUP – sansol – TMB – Woro2k – jL

OFFSET:  RIZZ – shellzi – easTor – NopeeJ – snapy