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MagMa vs Aster.Aeries Prediction – LPL Summer – 08/20

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries prediction

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries prediction

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries prediction on August 20, 2021. The shortage of personnel in the main position when is just a young talent who has just joined is MagMa’s weakness. This member temporarily only plays at a full-time level, but has not really integrated with his team.

MagMa Overview

MagMa is having a pretty bad start at i-League season 2 when they lost close to Royal Never Give Up 1-2. They will have to find points against a declining team that is Aster.Aeries. Although possessing a higher rank than the opponent, MagMa’s confrontation record is worse. 

Calculating the last 8 times they met MagMa only won 2 wins 1 draw, the rest received 5 losses. Obviously, this is a good opportunity to narrow the head-to-head record between the two teams. As well as MagMa having to find the score against the team that is considered the weakest in the group.

Aster.Aeries Overview

Aster.Aeries is disappointing many of their fans when the last 10 matches only won 4 the rest lost 6 matches. Even up to the time of the article Aster.Aeries owns a series of 4 consecutive losses. It can be seen that their decline in performance is quite obvious. Although the possibility of defeat in this match is greater, Aster.Aeries has enough ability to bring home a winning game with a good understanding of MagMa’s gameplay.

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries prediction

Aster.Aeries can completely take advantage in the early game with the arrival of Ulu. He has an impressive personal skill set with good money farming ability.

The fact that if the match is prolonged will not benefit Aster.Aeries. Their two SP players do not have much experience, in this respect MagMa, is doing better than the opponent. With mianmian and KazZ farmed with a certain amount of items. They can completely become solid shields for MagMa’s mainstays. Then or Dust will have the opportunity to discharge a large amount of damage on the team opponent. 

MagMa’s recent matches have also shown themselves to be more focused on the opponent’s turret. It has proven to be effective in creating a large money gap as well as speeding up the game. With the above analysis, it can be difficult to expect a victory for Aster.Aeries in this match. But they have enough ability to bring home a winning game. So the result is 2-1 in favor of Aster.Aeries. MagMa is arguably the most reasonable.

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries bet prediction

MagMa vs Aster.Aeries total score prediction:

  • MagMa 1-0 Aster.Aeries
  • MagMa 0-1 Aster.Aeries
  • MagMa 1-0 Aster.Aeries

Total score 2-1 (Aster.Aeries win)

Handicap bet (Aster.Aeries is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Aster.Aeries

First Blood:

  • Game 1: MagMa
  • Game 2: Aster.Aeries
  • Game 3: Aster.Aeries

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: MagMa 32-18 Aster.Aeries (Over)
  • Game 2: MagMa 12-28 Aster.Aeries (Under)
  • Game 3: MagMa 36-20 Aster.Aeries (Over)


MagMa: 白也,   Tzy,  mianmian,  Dust, KazZ

Aster.Aeries: Ulu, yoona, phoenix,  ShengSi, Siamese.C