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Heroes of the Storm: Malfurion Talent Build Guide


Malfurion is a long-range Healer that specializes in highly effective recovery over time and a strong debuff. When combined with Heroes who can properly defend him and cover up his lack of damage, healing his wounds is a natural way to turn around any scale battle in his favor.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Malfurion


  • Outstanding resilience over time with resilience and quietness
  • Very powerful crowd control area via Entangling Roots
  • Passive is valid for allied Heroes Mana
  • Talent selection is extremely flexible to adapt to a wide variety of situations


  • Ineffective versus burst damage
  • Relatively vulnerable to Assassins
  • Limited waveclear and general damage output

Talent Build Malfurion

Standard Build

Rejuvenation (lv1) – Celestial Alignment – Shan’do’s Clarity, Vengeful Roots (lv4) – Deep Roots – Strangling Vines, Wild Growth (lv70 – Nature’s Cure, Twilight Dream (lv10) – Tranquility, Nature’s Swiftness (lv13) – Hindering Moonfire – Revitalize, Nature’s Balance (lv16) – Moonlit Harmony, Lunar Shower (lv20) – Serenity – Astral Communion

This standard build provides outstanding utility. In essence, this build suggests Basic Talents that allow you to better heal and support your teammates, as well as several alternatives to adapt when needed.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

The passive that makes Malfurion a natural ally of any Hero depends heavily on Cooldown or Mana. Entangling Roots also makes him excellent at keeping track of anything that could provide their own reliable source of crowd control.

Countered by:

While not particularly vulnerable to any particular Hero, he tends to struggle against burst damage. His sub-par wave mechanics can also be problematic if your team composition fails to make up for this weakness elsewhere.

Maps of Malfurion

Malfurion tends to do well on Maps with lots of choke points, thanks to Entangling Roots. His effective nature as a Healer is also especially helpful when competing Map Goals that can highlight lengthy slot-poke battles that seem never to escalate into Realistic teamfights. Overall, however, his versatility makes him a solid pick on most Maps and team composition so is the most important factor to consider when choosing him.

Tips and Tricks


Passive for Hungry Heroes Mana, especially casters like Kael’thas or Jaina, who cannot function without Mana.

  • Keep the target healed as much as possible, even when they have full Health.
  • Moonfire is useful for quickly examining Bushes, disassembling or revealing opponents, and clearing out Zagara Creep Tumors.
  • Entangling Roots landed much easier on targets controlled by the crowd.
  • Keep your Nudes in hot teamfights, where some teammates might be asking for healing.
  • Twilight Dream is a great counter-attack tool, especially against many melee Heroes.

Role in the Current Meta

His very different abilities make him a versatile Healer. Even though he lacks damage, he has a number of tools to use that make him useful in all stages of the game.

His trait, Passive, has a unique ability to give an Allied Hero more Mana. Entangling Roots is one of the game’s most powerful follow-up crowd control skills, and Moonfire is an inexpensive and reliable move that can temporarily reveal Stealthed entities.

His primary resilience, Revive and Quiet, has high crude recovery results to compensate for the fact that they don’t recover immediately. Moonfire situations can provide some flare healing, although this depends directly on the Malfurion Player’s skill level.

This makes him a natural opponent for low-damage team plays on a single target. As a result, he is often picked against teams with two or less Assassins, or as part of a lineup that is resilient enough to survive massive amounts of pre-existing explosive damage.