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CSGO: Instructions On How To Manage Money In The Game

Manage Money In The Game

Manage Money In The Game

CS: GO may initially seem like a simple shooting game, but once you start watching and playing CS more, you will begin to see its complexity. Here are instructions on how to manage money in the game effectively.

You must understand and manage your team’s economy and guess your opponent’s money in any case. However, with enough time and practice, you can easily learn how to buy things for you and your team without hesitation.

Manage Money in the game META

Manage Money In The Game

There are several ways to buy in the current meta like full-buy, force-buy, half-buy, eco / save, and full save.

Full buy is most ideal when your team each has over 4000 $ -4500 $. Half-buy is used when some members have enough money to buy but others do not.

At this time, your team saves money, only buys $ 3700- $ 4,000 each person and doesn’t have too many bombs.

Force-buy is when your team has too little money but still have to buy because it is an important round (match point, key round, first-half round …). Eco and save are terms for buying very little or not buying anything to save money for the next round.

  • Full buy: Mainly rifles, armor, and bombs.
  • Force buy: SMG, pistol (DE, CZ, …) and armor.
  • Half buy: Rifle, SMG, limiting bombs.
  • Eco / save: Handgun and very few bombs.
  • Full save: No purchase.

Your team will usually buy a pistol if they lose the pistol round on both sides. This is reasonable manage money in the game move when your team is completely capable of breaking the enemy team position without much risk.

However, in another scenario where the T side placed a bomb in the round pistol and lost, they could choose the second full save round before the next full buy round.