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5 Best Management Tycoon Simulators You Should Play In 2021

Management Tycoon Simulators

Management Tycoon Simulators

There are many incredible tycoon games on the market today. However, we do have some recommendations if you’re after some corporate management-style video game titles. Now, don’t go into this list thinking that any particular game will rank next. The management tycoon simulators here are varied and can be tailored so not all games will appeal, but you should find something worth playing below.

Prison Architect – management tycoon simulators

As we’re sure you can guess just from the title in this game, the player will take on the role of a prison architect where you will need to create and manage a prison. For example, the player will not only design the prison for the cells and various facilities it consists of. But will also ensure that the site is trained with staff such as guards to make sure the prisoners Not looking for a quick means of escape. 

Like the other games on this management tycoon simulators list, players will also be responsible for financial management. You can also choose to combine more rehabilitation programs to rehabilitate inmates for productive and law-abiding lives outside of prison. Likewise, this game also comes with some DLC which you can purchase to bring more content and challenges to the game such as DLC in which you introduce farming to your compound, such as cultivating and producing exports.

Planet Coaster

In this game, players are taking the role of park creator. It was developed as a spiritual successor to the iconic Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise. Here players will be crafting up their unique parks and designing them up to be themed however they’d like. 

Meanwhile, just like with the previous theme park-focused game, there are plenty of management aspects to this game as well. You’ll need to check out the finances while also keeping your park running efficiently with staff that can maintain the rides along with keeping guests entertained or the park clean.

Cities: Skylines – management tycoon simulators

Cities: Skylines is often compared to the SimCity series, where the player is building and maintaining a city, full of buildings and civilians. The game will put the player in control of various areas, locations of roads, taxes, transportation, and even public services. Of course, the game will also cause players to encounter some problems. 

This can be as simple as focusing on the wishes of your civilians to the natural disasters that are ravaging parts of the city. Again, like the other games on this list, there’s plenty of DLC available to give players more content to enjoy, so if you’re interested in building and managing games city, you’ll see this title suggested quite often.

Rimworld – management tycoon simulators

Rimworld takes players into a sci-fi colony management game. It looks simple but if you like management-style games you can’t go wrong here. The game has players building their base and doing the normal and ending odds you’d expect, such as making sure you have resources available to your colonists. However, it is the AI ​​story that drives this game as it presents some unique challenges such as colonists having their own thoughts or desires.

As a result, the game can quickly derail as the colonists slowly become insane or psychotic. Fortunately, the game offers three AI storytellers, which will determine how hard the game can or may not be. In the end, you really won’t know what story you’ll get until you start the game and let the title make up what happens.


Factorio is one of those management tycoon simulators that is consistently recommended, and for good reason, it’s a solid video game experience. This is a game where you build, manage and organize automated factories in this seemingly limitless world. Of course, the more you build your factory, the more you have to ensure that you have enough resources available to sustain your complex. 

You can spend countless hours here unleashing your imagination while building and managing your factory. Of course, there will be trouble with the locals who will send enemies to sabotage your production line. So you are constantly making sure that you can properly protect your machines throughout.