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Maneater Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks You Should Know



Maneater is an open-world RPG where being a mean shark is what makes it special. But let’s be honest, do you know anyone – other than the guy who once said sharks are slippery as hell – who can actually be a successful shark? It’s hard work, everyone! Especially when there are so many people out there who want to stake and shoot you. It’s not cool, man.

Evade – Maneater 


If you’re like us, you skip most of the tutorials in the heat of the moment and just do your best to hit enemies repeatedly until they’re good and dead. We beg you not to do that and listen to the guide when it asks you to avoid attacks whenever possible. Evading not only helps you get to your destination faster while on the water, but it also keeps you from getting hit by those tough hunters. 

Always Explore

Not only is the sea a unique place for you to explore in a very different way from games like Breath of the Wild and Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s also very rewarding when you’re a shark. There are hidden chests, side quests, and key locations both on land and under the sky in Maneater, and doing these can help you convert better. These can give you some exp fairly early on, however, be cautious. Some of these locations are best played when you are at higher levels.

Running Away Is Good – Maneater 


You may feel unstoppable, but that’s not true. The more you kill, the more your notoriety rises and attracts hunters and hunters, when there are so many hunters together… It’s not pretty.

If you bite more than you can chew, dive back into the water and wait a while. Try getting in between some rocks, or under pipes, or anything that can hide you from being detected by enemies behind you. They will let you stay, and you can go on and on to terrorize the inhabitants of the sea.

Eat Everything – Maneater 

Eating is not only good for gaining experience and having an extra snack now and then while hunting, it’s also good for your health. The more sea creatures or people you eat, the better your health will be. This can be useful when fighting tough enemies, as eating smaller fish can give you the edge you need to win.

Always Remember Upgrade


This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re like us and didn’t know you could level up your abilities, here’s a nice reminder. The moment you get mutations that increase your health or make you deal more damage, upgrade them so fighting isn’t too difficult.

Understand The Fight

In Maneater, your shark will age and become stronger, but when you’re just a pupa, you can’t take on the world. It’s important to pick and choose your battle, which means running away from opponents who are sure to best you in battle.

Some see running as cowardly, especially when fighting crocodiles, while others see the importance of running to save their own skin. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re on the run, it’s important to have the rear-facing camera so you’re aware of your pursuer’s progress and can better dodge them.