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Marvel Future Revolution Guide – Tips To Get Started

Marvel Future Revolution 2

Marvel Future Revolution is a brand new free mobile ARPG that brings together a bunch of amazing iconic characters on a new and original story. You will be tasked with preventing convergence, as multiple versions of Earth move towards each other on a catastrophic collision course. It’s all about leveling up and personalizing your very own version of a great character of you, slowly increasing in strength as you add new squad members and abilities.

Pick your main – Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution 2

After a brief introduction gives you a taste of each available starter character, you’ll be tasked with choosing the main one. There are some characters, like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man, that is beginner-friendly. Some characters like Storm and Dr. Strange are great to play in a team while others like Black Widow are best kept as additional teammates. 

You’ll want to focus on the starter character until you run out of them, making sure to only redeem the bonus and the OMEGA card with your main character equipped. Likewise, you’ll want to log in every day with your main character, as you’ll get character-specific bonuses each day.

Spare gear

You’ll immediately start earning tons of costumes and gear just by playing the first few main missions of the Marvel Future revolution. While you might be tempted to combine or dismantle equipment you don’t use, hold off until you have a full team. You can actually share Gears between different heroes, which will give serious power to the ice-starved characters in your squad. Always keep the area skin pieces too, as these will become more and more useful as you play.

Level your alternates

Marvel Future Revolution 1

While you’ll want to focus on your main hero until you hit a level cap on missions, keep in mind that your squad rank is determined by how strong your teammates are. any. Go through the characters, one by one, playing through their campaigns, this will increase your squad rank. Remember that Omega bonuses and cards can be shared, so add them all to the hero you are playing to make things easier. There’s usually no need to spend extra resources on heroes that aren’t your main. Just work with what you have.

Extra hero slots – Marvel Future Revolution

You will need 400 gems for purchasing an additional hero slot. This can be earned within your first few hours by completing daily challenges. Saving your gems and taking an additional hero slot is the first thing you give them in the shop. It’s a great investment and the easiest way to get extra characters as a free-to-play player.

So there you go, some essential tips to get you started on Marvel’s future revolution. They’ll help you avoid the first pitfalls and make sure you’re making the most of your hard-earned resources. Keep them in mind as you play, and you won’t have to splash any pack of items in the store with your real-world money.

Dismantle badges – Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution

One problem you will run into early on is filling up your inventory. This will mostly be because of the large number of badges you earn while playing. Dismantle 1 or 2-star badge to save some space. You can also use Squad Storage to share resources across the team, freeing up your main hero.