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Marvel Puzzle Quest – Characters For Every New Players

Marvel Puzzle Quest

While there are plenty of Marvel mobile games on the market, none seem to have the power to last like Marvel Puzzle Quest, which was first released in 2013. The game is still going strong years later, but it seems to have given up on introducing new characters to the one-, two-, and three-star lower tiers. Even so, new players will still wonder who they should prioritize on their roster as there will always be limited space (and some characters really don’t deserve a place on your list).

Storm (Classic) – Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest 2

The two-star variant of Storm may share some traits with her other forms, but she has some tricks up her sleeve that make her a dangerous weapon. Although very fragile because her health amount is very small.

Her green “Lightning Storm” power is the same as her one- and three-star Green powers, but this will break more tiles and generate more AP depending on how much green AP you have sometimes shot it. Her blue power “Wind Storm” not only stuns the target but also damages the entire enemy team. 

Her yellow “Rage” power is hard to use effectively, but if your team takes a primary hit, Storm deals some damage back to the opposing team. The ability to generate AP, damage the entire team, and stun a single target makes Storm a solid addition to any squad.

Black Widow (Original)

Marvel Puzzle Quest 1

Black Widow doesn’t offer much damage power in Marvel Puzzle Quest. But if you’re looking for a hero best suited to mess with your opponents, Black Widow is unmatched for newer players.

Her purple power “Aggression Recon” instantly steals the enemy team’s AP, while her “Espionage” purple power steals purple, black, and blue AP when Widow combines with those that color. Her Blue Power “Anti-Gravity Device” will make the opponent’s Countdown tiles take longer to spawn and heal her team. Widow needs a damage dealer on her team to get the most out of it, and her low health makes her fragile, but she’s a great tool for beginner and advanced players alike.

Magneto (Marvel NOW!) – Marvel Puzzle Quest

Speaking of characters that can change the color of the tiles, the two-star version of Magneto can be slow but once he gathers enough AP he will wreak havoc on tons of enemies.

His blue power “Iron Hammer” is a simple countdown brick that will break tons of tiles on the board (when maxed, it will break the entire board). His red power “Magnetic Flux” works the same, except that it deals damage on top of broken bricks and unlike “Iron Hammer”, broken bricks will generate AP. His “Polarity Shift” power is also awesome as it will allow you to select base cells to convert to Blue and also randomly change a few tiles to Red. 

Of course, this makes him the ideal partner with the two-star Hawkeye but honestly, Magneto is great on most teams, especially with someone who can feed him AP like Widow. black two stars.

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Marvel Puzzle Quest

If it were possible to make a character have 13 power levels instead of having to divide 13 levels by three powers in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Then the three-star Doctor Strange would be the first choice for most players. That’s all thanks to his yellow passive power “Flames Of The Faltine”, which automatically damages enemies every time anyone on the opposing team activates the power. This means that when faced with generic minions in story missions, they will often defeat themselves as they have very cheap power and generate AP per turn.

Strange’s blue power “Crimson Bands Of Cyttorak” will not only stun opponents for three turns but also destroy AP according to the color of the player choice and deal damage as long as the Countdown remains on the board. Strange’s “Eye Of Agamotto” purple power is easily his worst, it’s an expensive power that simply brickes special enemies and produces Purple power that doesn’t recoup the cost of its original height. However, Strange is the first three-star character that new players should aim to acquire.

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