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Marvel’s Avengers guide – Hero Level vs Power Level

Marvel’s Avengers guide

Marvel’s Avengers guide

In Marvel’s Avengers, there are two quality metrics for your Heroes: Hero Level and Strength Level. And each of these values ​​is unique to each Hero, meaning you’ll start at Hero Level and Strength 1 on each of the six launch characters. These two types of stats govern very different things in Marvel’s Avengers, and they’re both very important to the post-game Avengers ‘Initiative. In this Marvel’s Avengers guide, we will give you a breakdown of the difference between Power Level and Hero Level.

What Is Hero Level? – Marvel’s Avengers guide

Your hero level is the level of your personal character. Every time your Heroes level up, they get Skill Points, so Hero Levels directly correlate with the number of abilities you’ve unlocked. You can upgrade your Hero by earning XP from killing enemies or completing quests.

You use your Skill Points to unlock new abilities on each Hero’s three skill trees. Sometimes these abilities provide an extra move in a combo, or they change the way one of your abilities works. These bonuses add extra power to your Heroes no matter what gear they’re wearing, and overall, they make them feel more comfortable actually playing.

The level cap is now 50 and you should have enough Skill Points to unlock everything on your character’s tree. If you want to max each Hero, that’s 300 Hero Levels to get through.

What Is Power Level?

You’ll be familiar with Power Levels if you’ve played other loot games – it’s often referred to as gear points or item levels. It’s basically an average of how powerful your device is. If you have all 140 Power gears, you will have a Power Level of 140. But if you have sections between 40-60 Power, your overall Power Level will average somewhere between the two numbers.

In Marvel’s Avengers guide, your Strength Level determines both what missions you can take on and whether you’re stronger or weaker than your enemies. Power level changes your character’s stats, how much damage they do, and how much health they have. If your Power Level is too low, the game won’t let you do some quests. Your current Power Level also determines the Power Level at which the new gear drops.

The current Power Level cap is 150, which can only be reached by finding all 130 Power shards, upgrading each piece 10 times, and upgrading your Main Artifact to +10.

When To Upgrade Gear – Marvel’s Avengers guide

In Marvel’s Avengers guide, you can level up some of your gear instead of finding a new one to replace it with. But like we mentioned in our beginner tips on the Avengers Initiative, you generally shouldn’t.

Upgrading your equipment will increase its own Power Level, which will ultimately contribute to your personal Power Level. But it is expensive and it requires resources you will need as you get higher and higher later in the game.

The only exception here is when your device has locked perks – abilities that increase combat or defense. The Legendary and Epic loot section comes with two locked perks. To unlock them, you need to level up the puzzle piece twice. This is usually pretty cheap, and the perks can make the battle go faster, which ultimately leaves you with more loot. Unlocking perks is the only reason to upgrade your gear before earning pie shards with 130 Base Power.

Once you find the 130 Power shard, you can start using your resources to upgrade it.