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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – Top Best Pistols

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Like other weapons, pistols come in a variety of shapes and sizes in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Some pack a heavier punch, while others are lighter and more flexible. Regardless of playstyle, having the right pistol worn around the body can prevent a quick and untimely death. Players can never mistake these extra weapons in their inventory. 

M-11 Suppressor – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The M-11 is a silenced pistol ideal for stealth situations. The power of this weapon can be witnessed by a clean and precise landing. The critical damage dealt to enemies is huge and can easily clear a room in just a few seconds. Just keep a steady aim and watch the melons pop!

The M-11 Suppressor appears only in Mass Effect 3. More specifically, it is automatically obtained in The Citadel DLC during the quest “Citadel Wards: Ambush”.

M-358 Talon

The M-358 Talon is a rather unique weapon in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It’s basically a shotgun/pistol hybrid that’s remarkably effective at close range. High-powered handgun bullets are released when the trigger is pulled, blasting anyone unfortunate enough to get entangled in its path. It is most effective against unarmored enemies and becomes less useful at longer ranges.

The Talon is another pistol only available in Mass Effect 3. It can be found during the mission “Priority: Citadel II” inside a locked room. Once the locks are passed, the pistol will be there to retrieve.

HMWP Master Pistol X

There is no better gear on the first Mass Effect import than the Specter gear. The Level X version of the Specter pistol is the best secondary weapon in the game. With 294 damage and an accuracy rating of 88, this pistol is a legit beast.

However, obtaining Specter equipment requires the player to work hard. First, Shepard needs to become a Specter, which automatically appears at the beginning of the story. To unlock the most valuable equipment in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, players also need to be at least level 50.

Arc Pistol – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The Arc Pistol is one of the more versatile secondary weapons Shepard can acquire. It possesses two main firing modes: semi-automatic and charged. The semi-automatic version uses less ammo but the damage it does is average. In contrast, reloading makes the Arc pistol extremely powerful but consumes more ammo in the process.

Found in Mass Effect 3, the Arc Pistol is obtained during the quest “Priority: Geth Dreadnought”. Tali will put the weapon aside for Shepard to take. For some reason, if the player still remembers it, the Arc Pistol can be purchased later from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Materials.

Acolyte – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

While most of the pistols on this list are known for their armor penetration, the Acolyte takes a different approach. This pistol fires unique ammo that makes it positively destructive against shields and bio-barriers. The downside, of course, is that Acolyte is a lot less effective against heavily armored enemies.

Acolyte was originally part of the DLC for Mass Effect 3. In Legendary Edition, Acolyte can be purchased from the Nos Astra Sporting Goods station in the Presidium Commons on the Citadel, the base price is listed at 10,000 credits.