July 27, 2021


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Master The Art Of Controlling The Bombing Area With Viper Valorant

Viper Valorant

Viper Valorant

Valorant not only requires the player’s shooting skills to be good but also has to have top strategic thinking. In 11 Agents with 11 different gameplay, Viper Valorant is the character who possesses the strongest set of skills that cover a wide field of vision, lasting damage over time. Therefore, she can control a bombing area with ease that the enemy can hardly stop.

To get the most out of the Viper power, you need to know the locations on the bombing area, so that you can use the skill correctly to prevent the enemy from attacking or driving them out of narrow-angle place.

Skillset of Viper Valorant

Viper Valorant

Snake Bite

Viper uses a chemical splitter on his wrist, left-click to launch a poison bar. After hitting the ground, the poison bar shatters and creates a poisonous zone, damaging and slowing anyone passing through.

Viper Valorant is immune to damage from other poisonous effects, but the poison zone from Snake Bite causes her to take damage over time at a lower rate than other players. Similar to other “fire catastrophe” abilities, Viper’s poison zone lasts 8 seconds, however, the amount of damage output is greater with 25 HP/sec. You can also cast the ability at a very long-range, so controlling the Viper location will be easier.

Poison Cloud – Viper Valorant

Viper uses a poisonous smoke grenade, left click to throw it. After falling to the ground, reactivate the ability to create a zone of poisonous smoke, cover your vision, and deal damage to anyone. In the state of smoke spray, Viper will be consumed a certain amount of energy over time. The move can be turned on / off at the player’s discretion throughout the round and can be picked up and placed in another location.

Similar to move 1, Viper can launch grenades at a long-range, thereby being able to control the location more easily. In addition, this is one of the few moves that can create “one-way smoke”, ie you can see and attack the enemy before they detect your position.

Toxic Screen

Viper Valorant

Viper unleashes a long line of poisonous launcher devices forward, reactivating the ability to create a wall of poisonous gas, consuming a certain amount of energy when activated. The move can be turned on / off according to the player’s preference, but cannot be picked up and used elsewhere.

This Viper Valorant skill has an extremely long-range, similar to the Phoenix firewall but can be shot onto the roof to cover another area. Combined with the rest of the control skills, Viper can cover all enemy attack lines, while at the same time giving the advantage of a denser defense team in the remaining bomb areas (if part of the Defenders team), or prevent an opponent’s turn to turn around once the bombing area has been captured (if on the Attackers team).

Viper’s Pit

Viper sprayed a mist of poisonous smoke with extremely wide coverage around the area where she was standing. All players (enemies and teammates) in it have decreased vision and health over time. The poisonous smokescreen will gradually decrease if Viper leaves the area for about 5 seconds.

This was Viper’s most powerful technique to control the bombing area. If properly combined with the remaining skills, Viper can completely defend the bombing area by himself and prolong the time until his teammates can turn and assist when the enemy team comes in. On a side note, however, is that not only other players but also Viper himself have reduced vision when standing in smoke.

The gameplay of Viper Valorant

With a skill set that covers the field of vision and the amount of damage dealt over time, Viper can control every way to get to the bombing area, so she is extremely suitable for playing with the Defenders team.

The weapon set to use can be varied, for example, if you place a poison wall at the entrance to the bombing area and guess where the enemy is there, use the Operator, turn off the poison wall, kill the enemy and instantly rebuild. poison wall. If you’re in Viper’s Pit, use effective close-range weapons like Shotguns or SMGs to quickly take down enemies and change attack positions with ease.

On the Attacker’s side, controlling the bombing area with Viper Valorant will also become easy once you learn the correct skill angle. Currently, veteran gamers like Hiko or Dafran have found many effective “sentence” skills. After entering the bombing area, use Viper’s Pit as needed to give your team an advantage.