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Mata – Former T1 star was labeled a criminal when he became a coach

Coach Mata of Royal Never give up

Coach Mata of Royal Never give up

Former legendary support player Mata, a former member of T1, is going through extremely difficult days as a coach.


Leaving SKT at the end of 2019, Legendary Support Cho Se-Hyeong – “Mata”  made a big surprise when he announced his retirement and became the Head Coach of Royal Never Give Up – the team he used to play when he was playing. in China. Mata once shared that his goal is to become a coach after retiring, however, the incident came so quickly that many fans worried that the player had taken a hasty step.

Coach Mata of Royal Never give up
Coach Mata of Royal Never give up

In the final stage of SKT, Mata was more known as an assistant coach than a player, when he ceded his official position to Effort. During this period, kkOma gave praise to the student, that Mata was a tactical genius, which was shown throughout his professional years.

However, just being good at tactics is not enough to become an excellent coach, and now, Mata from the position of a legend at Royal Never Give Up, is gradually losing his position when stuck in the chair. train.

Royal Never Give Up finished the LPL Spring 2020 at the top 7 and is currently stuck in the middle of the LPL Summer Split 2020 after losing to FPX. This is a relatively poor result and shows the decline of the LPL Summer Runner-up 2019.


The poor performance of Royal Never Give Up has caused Mata to be heavily criticized in recent times. He was judged not to make a tactical breakthrough, the playstyle of Royal Never Give Up currently depends too much and XBL and Xiaohu, while the two players themselves, one is a young talent. big, one is the old general has stepped across the career slope.

Mata was heavily criticized after Royal Never Give Up's erratic performance in the first half of the season
Mata was heavily criticized after Royal Never Give Up’s erratic performance in the first half of the season

4 wins and 4 losses, is not a nightmare for Royal Never Give Up, but according to a domino effect on psychology, when fans of this team are still struggling to remember Uzi, the result is not very likely. The officials of Royal Never Give Up made their fandom live in a state of anguish, and Mata ended up being the name to stand.

However, is all responsibility on Mata’s head really fair? Agree that he is not fulfilling the duties of a coach when he can not impose his voice and influence on the team, but it must be acknowledged that the current Royal Never Give Up no longer has enough strength to compete with the top team.

After Uzi retired, Royal Never Give Up no longer owns a top tier star, if reluctant to choose, maybe only Xiaohu and Ming. In that position, it is difficult to judge whether Mata is really a failed coach because Royal Never Give Up himself is also lost after years of living on the inspiration called Uzi.

In the match against FPX, Mata’s ban/pick position was replaced by analyst Tabe, and as a result, Royal Never Give Up still lost, in a game where the members could not find each other. So is Mata really worth the charge?