Game CMD 368

Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: May Special Moves, Instant Kill


Fortunately, a small, mobile puncher and likes to punish the opponent with strong choices of counterattacks. Luckily a cheerful girl equipped with an anchor and supported by a group of cuddly sea animals. May is a member of the Jellyfish Pirates and is haunted by leader Johnny.

May Pros & Cons



  • Neutral princess: Excellent spatial control thanks to new Beach Ball and Clap for Victim mechanics
  • Great Damage: Damage output on average
  • Giant Performance: Standard Beefy with rewards deserving of counter-attacks
  • Powerful Oki game: Combine great and solid oki with high / low and take command
  • Flexible movement: Excellent maneuverability, especially in the air: good run, good backward, great jump, fdc for changing bow and jumping, dolphin riding and jumper


  • Rushdown Sensitive: There’s no real way to get rid of pressure outside of the ubiquitous system mechanism
  • The summons need pressure: It is difficult to put safe pressure on the opponent without the summoning order
  • Combo to Summon: Infinite damage without a meter in the middle of the screen without summoning to expand the combo

Universal Mechanics

  • Throw: Due to the fast-starting throws of the Guilty Gear, throws of May are a good defensive tool in pressure situations where the opponent is easily thrown.
  • Air Throw: Fortunately, she was matched against Bedman for the greatest aerial throw range in the game.
  • Dead Angle Attack: Uses 6P animation. The horizontal range is quite good at this. Can be punished on the block, so be careful when throwing this thing out.
  • Blitz Attack: The partially charged version causes the backslash when to hit, the wall sticking to the corner.

Special Moves

  • Mr. Dolphin Horizontal: In combos, Horizontal Dolphin is a combo that ends well in the middle screen when you want to deal damage and carry angle instead of oki. It can also be RCed to create a larger combo that will increase damage and burden angle.
  • Mr. Dolphin Vertical: In the up section, this attack is Trung, in the down section, this attack is overhead.
  • Applause for the Victim: All-around great tool for neutral and pressure. On the neutral side, dolphins are great for controlling space. You can hold the button and take advantage of the threat that can send dolphins to attack at any time to dissuade opponents from doing anything, making it easy to reach them.5r
  • Hop on Dolphin: In stark contrast to Force Break Dolphins from AC and + R, Dolphin Hopping is a key pressure and combo tool for May in Xrd.
  • Don’t Miss It!: It is possible to summon a beach ball. The ball bounces 3 times or until it touches the opponent. In neutral, it’s good for spatial control.
  • Ball Jump: Can use the beach ball for extra jumps. One interesting consequence of this is that it smashes the beach ball downwards.
  • Ensenga?: A new air commando is mainly used at the end of the aerial combo due to its ability to bring opponents back to the ground in a kills state to oki.
  • Overhead Kiss: OHK is back in its former glory as a terrifyingly quick command thrower. One of the best combos of May and the best combo starter. However, it has a lot of rebound on the whiff, making it easy to punish.

May Instant Kill

  • Indicate the right timing for you, your opponent in Hellfire and you have 50% Stress
  • Uses her animation 6H.
  • Total possibility of being compromised from frame 9-30 [5-21]