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Medieval Dynasty Guide – Important Tips Should Know Before Started

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is the latest in early-access survival games, but with a twist. As you can guess from the name, there’s more to this one than simply surviving in the woods by picking berries and building yourself a dingy hut.

Survival Sense Skill

Medieval Dynasty is part survival game and part RPG, like other RPGs, it has a skill tree, the important thing is to get your head around. Arguably the most important skill early on is survival, but in this route, there are some secondary skills that are more important than others.

As soon as you can, be sure to pick up Survival Sense in Level Two. This will highlight all herbs, mushrooms, and feathers in inspector mode. It may not be too impressive, but it saves you too much time searching for valuable resources – resources you will always be looking for.

Complete Alwin’s Quest – Medieval Dynasty

In Gostovia, near the starting area, you’ll find a villager named Alwin. He’s a sad guy who pretends to be a knight and hopes to be useful in something, but he’s not that kind of thing. If you talk to him, he will send you a series of quests to prove yourself to him. You’ll want to complete these quests as soon as possible for a variety of reasons – it’s an easy source of money and other rewards, but it’s also the easiest way to get an early bow.

You will need to complete nine objectives to get a bow. These things start off easy, like giving Alwin a stick, hunting some deer and giving some money to another villager. But to get the bow, you’ll need to find and kill a bear within a strict time limit.

Prepare For Winter

As you might expect, winter in the Medieval Dynasty was no joke. It kills crops, it slows down trade, and if you ignore your temperature gauge, it can kill you too. The season only lasts three in-game days (unless you change it yourself) but three days is all it takes to ruin your game if you’re unprepared.

That’s why you’ll want to prepare for winter as soon as possible. Hurry up and build your first house, and start providing reserves. Focus on fruits and vegetables first so you can eat the first (plus they’re easy to get). Then go for meat in the fall and winter, because it’s easier to store meat at colder temperatures, and you’ll be able to make leather clothes to keep you warm.

Hefty Tax – Medieval Dynasty

At the end of each year, you pay a substantial amount of tax to the taxpayer. This is pretty much inevitable, and for your first few years, it will feel like a lot. Good thing for you, if you’ve followed this guide, you’re ready for it.

By selling simple tools, avoiding buying from the market, and stocking up on supplies for the winter, you’ll have plenty of money and supplies to pay off taxes. However, once you have your basic needs sorted, it’s not a bad idea to establish some sort of steady income and save a percentage on your taxes.