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Heroes of the Storm: Mei Talent Build Guide


Mei is a Tank that relies on various types of crowd control to tamper with enemy planes and some special forms of self-sustaining to last longer in teamfights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Mei



  • High survivability
  • Decent damage output
  • Versatile crowd control
  • Good mobility


  • Weak to Knockbacks and Roots
  • Inseparable from mobile Heroes (like Tracer)

Talent Build of Mei

Cryo-Freeze Build

Heat Transfer (lv1), Ice Storm, Crystallize (lv4), Skating Away (lv7) – Induce Hibernation, Avalanche (lv10) – Ice Wall, Cooling Servos (lv13), Acclimation (lv16) – Black Ice, Flash Freeze (lv20) – Cascade – Shatter – The Big One.

Her Cryo-Freeze Build is designed to significantly increase her survivability. In particular, Crystallize at Level 4 makes it difficult for the opposing team to break the Shield provided by Cryo-Freeze and Cooling Servos at Level 13 which allows her to escape by reducing the Cooldown of Freeze and other Other Basic Skills.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Mei works better with Heroes who can track her fights with crowd control (such as Deckard Cain’s Scroll Of Sealing) and/or explosive damage (e.g. Jaina).

High slow duration is great for Heroes with increased damage from it (such as Greymane with Executioner at Level 16).

Countered by:

She suffers when facing Heroes with any mobility because she will have difficulty trying to get involved and her peeling tools won’t get anything done (Tracer ex.).

Roots (such as Malfurion’s Entangling Roots) and Knockbacks (like E.T.C.’s Face Melt) can prevent her while trying to engage with Icing.

Even though she doesn’t have them completely turned off, Mei also dislikes healing effects (eg Ana’s Biotic Grenade), dealing percentage damage (such as Cursed Bullet at Level 10 of Greymane), or deals additional damage to Shields (like Lieutenant Morales’s Level 13 EMP Grenade). The same is true for Heroes who can craft her team from a distance (such as Li-Ming).

Maps of Mei


She is good on the Map with narrow passages and corridors where she can get more value from her Abilities (e.g. Cursed Hollow).

Though not her best, she’s fine in open space (in the mind of Hanamura Shrine).

She doesn’t provide anything on Maps, but macros are important.

Tips and Tricks

  • The moderate slow provided by Snow Blind can be used to slightly increase Freeze’s ability to hit enemy Heroes from a good angle.
  • Must use the high but tapering slow provided by Icing to significantly increase the chance that the Stun at the end of Blizzard will trigger.
  • Avalanche can split the opposing team by pushing some of the opponent’s Heroes away, even after impassable terrain.
  • After you drastically go after an opponent’s Hero using Freeze, you can push them towards your team with Avalanche.
  • If you catch 3 enemy Heroes using Avalanche, you can track the snowball along with Icing to stay within range using Snowstorm as a sequel to Lasting Stun.
  • Ice Wall can be used to split the opponent team by sending in Time Stop certain Heroes and fighting with others.

Role in the Current Meta

Mei is an excellent tank at punishing enemy Heroes who lack maneuverability to play around her Slow.

She has a powerful Hero ability that when she has a mage on her team, she can use it to perform terrifying combos. That said, Avalanche and Ice Wall have both been very strong, both in terms of appeal and fragmentation. With a little creativity, you can perform powerful tricks with them.