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Heroes of the Storm: Mephisto Talent Build Guide


Mephisto is a long-range Assassin who excels at keeping track of allied abilities. In other words, he works well in team components designed for “wombo combos”. He is able to wreak havoc on entire opposing teams as his attacks are carefully planned. However, poor positioning and hasty use of the Shade of Mephisto are easy to punish by enemy Heroes who already have the Lord of Hate.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Mephisto



  • Lord Of Hatred allows free use of Basic Skills
  • Strong wave reduction from basic skills
  • Has great followers
  • The defeat of enemy Heroes around the globe can be guaranteed to Consume Souls
  • You can be sure to defeat the foe on the run with the Shade of Mephisto


  • Slightly dependent on allies to establish
  • The shade of Mephisto is easy to punish if the enemy can see the initial cast position
  • Poor ability to snatch the Mercenaries
  • Easy to cause explosive damage
  • Easy to gank in the solo lane

Talent Build of Mephisto

Standard Lightning Nova Build

Lightning Nova is the most reliable build for him and focuses heavily on chasing enemies with your Nova, rewarding you for doing so. Frost Storm makes it much easier to keep Lightning Nova on enemies for maximum damage, but any Level 7 option can be very helpful depending on the team’s layout. Spite and Shard of Hate reduce his base cooldown, allowing you to dash in more often with the Shade of Mephisto.

Static Field enhances Lightning Nova’s effective area and damage. When he has a Mimic, he can completely reset the cooldowns of Lightning Nova and the Shade of Mephisto. At this point, his Health and Energy are the only things that limit his ability to keep two Lightning Novas active throughout the entire team’s battle.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Both his Heroics are excellent sequels and can be devastating for enemies captured by established Heroes such as ETC’s Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit, Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Deckard’s Stay Anged and Listen, and Diablo’s Apocalypse. His Basic Skills also benefit greatly from his powerful crowd control.

Countered by:

He can be counterattacked by Heroes who can quickly close into melee range, as they will avoid the damage from Lightning Nova. The most effective counterattacks will be able to survive some damage from his teammates if they try to help him. Other heroes like Kael’thas or Kel’thuzad can use their abilities in the shade just before he returns. Junkrat can put a mine in the shade and throw you back where you teleported.

Maps of Mephisto

He works well on maps forcing teams to fight for targets in restricted areas. These maps allow him to easily take his Skills down on enemy Heroes. He can get stuck on maps with an open area where enemies can freely reposition to avoid his much damage. He is not particularly prominent about his interactions with Battlegrounds. He was incapable of effectively conquering the Mercenary Camps alone, but he had an acceptable amount of tsunami.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that Lord Of Hatred will reduce your cooldown when planning a Skill usage.
  • Uses Skull Rocket at enemies with reduced mobility.
  • Remember that Lightning Nova’s radius is the same as his Basic Attack range.
  • Plan to use the Shade of Mephisto carefully; You will return to the original cast position after a short while.
  • The consumed soul should be transmitted from a safe distance, so that it cannot be interrupted.
  • Direct the Durance of Hate towards the enemy Heroes who cannot move to ensure it lands.
  • Watch out for opportunities to spy on your allies.