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Metro Exodus Guide – Some Tips Should Know Before Started

Metro Exodus

These Metro Exodus tips should help you if you’ve never played the series before and if you have. There are some interesting changes to this post’s new Semi-Open Hub post, which means new and returning players can use a few pointers to avoid mistakes. While this game spends more time outside of the tunnels, the basics are still there – a large clipboard with your map, air guns that beep you need to kill, and monsters nasty mutant is ready to tear you a new one if you err in unprepared.

Check journal regularly  

Metro Exodus 2

When you first exit Aurora, you will receive a map from Colonel Miller. Your map is automatically updated with your main objectives and some options, but one of the most useful parts of it is hidden in the back.

You can turn your map to read Artyom’s magazine, which is also updated regularly. These journal entries tell you more about your next goal than its location. You can double-check your goals, the people you’ll be working with, and the circumstances of the assignment. That last one is especially important, as some magazine entries will advise you to avoid killing, take a sneaky approach, or view specific side objectives. Even if you know where to go next, it’s worth checking your journal before every big mission.

Not everyone is enemy 

metro 1

The world of Metro Exodus is a hostile one, but there are some really good people out there, and I’m not just talking about Krest and Katya. You’ll run into refugees and other passive NPCs in the waste, and as long as you don’t start any trouble, these people will leave you alone. 

So before you open fire, always check people with your physics to see if they are enemy (Red Reticle), friend (Green Retricy), or neutral (Yellow Reticle). You can also cover your weapons before approaching them to show that you’re not looking for a fight, and many NPCs will thank you for this simple peace.

Early upgrades – Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus 1

You’ll naturally acquire new weapons and attachments as you progress, but some of the most impactful upgrades are for your suit itself. You’ll improve on almost every part of your set throughout the game, and you can get the best three right in the first region, the Volga. Before you head to the Caspian Sea, be sure to grab these gizmos, all found in the top, the bottom half of the Volga:

  • Advanced flashlight battery: in a barn next to the northeast of Krest. The safe house is located on a small island surrounded by mostly shallow water.
  • Metal detector: In a small house in the southeast corner near a broken crane, look west where you find Teddy.
  • Night vision goggles: In the last room of the tsar’s fish store

Go for stealth – Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

It’s always better to stealthily knock unconscious enemies than stab or shoot them. Knocking them out makes less noise than doing them, and it won’t negatively affect your karma. Your enemies will also never wake up, so there’s no real upside to killing them. 

Not only that, if the enemy sees that you have dislodged many of their comrades, they will be more likely to surrender, allowing you to knock them out. Peaceful play is the key to success. It saves bullets and preserves your karma, so go slow and sneak whenever possible, especially if you want a good ending – and you do, because it’s a finale. wonderful.