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Metroid Dread: How To Beat Every Boss | Corpius, Kraid, Drogyga

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

If you’re used to previous Metroid Dread games, then this game is going to be a rude awakening — these bosses don’t mess around. Even the easier bosses can put up a tough challenge for long-time players. You’ll need to utilize all of your skills to survive the boss fight. Not just against the EMMI robots, which aren’t really boss fights in the traditional sense. We’re talking about the monsters that lock Samus in an arena and come out swinging every where. These giant monsters use a bunch of killer moves, and they just keep evolving during the fight. 

Corpius – Metroid Dread

Shoot Corpius in the face with a rocket/slash and jump over its attacks. Once you deal enough damage, it becomes invisible.

  • When in invisible mode, shoot the glowing tail. Wait for it to reveal itself. It will count a massive attack. Slide under it and prepare to make a counter. If you resist it, you will deal huge damage.

Then a Spider Magnet wall will appear. Use it to avoid the gas attack, but don’t stay in there too long or the boss will hit the wall. To deal massive damage, keep shooting rockets in its face in the cutscene after successfully countering. Defeat the boss to get the Phantom Cloak.


How to fight Kraid in Metroid Dread.

Phase 1: Kraid will spray bullets and throw claws at you. Shoot both types with your regular beam to restore health and gain rockets.

  • Dodge the fireballs mixed with the biological bullets that Kraid shoots!
  • Aim for the eyes – use a spark or rocket in the eye/mouth and Kraid will open his mouth.

When its mouth opens, hit the inside of its mouth with a rocket. That is his weak point.

Phase 2: During this phase, you are trapped in a lower level with Kraid. Shoot at the purple spot with anything – rockets are the fastest – and Kraid will use his hand to protect the weak spot. It will then launch a series of spikes.

Use the Morph Ball to dodge the spikes, then jump onto the lowering Spider Magnet. From here, shoot Kraid in the eye/mouth to force it to open its mouth. Shoot in the mouth and destroy all the claws it throws.

  • Try to stay on the Spider Magnet the whole time. If you do, Kraid will claw at Samus with its claws – resist this attack!
    • It will only be a swipe after taking enough damage. Instead, it can perform a punch attack. If it does a quick swipe, you can access it.

It will punch when it is angry and its eyes are red. If this animation starts, quickly drop it back down. The punch was an instant defeat.

  • Deal enough damage (and get a counter) to defeat Kraid.
    • In the second phase, you can restore health by destroying the blobs it shoots out. Use the Charge Beam attack to safely destroy them.

Drogyga – Metroid Dread

How to fight Drogyga in Metroid Dread.

Phase 1: Drogyga is an aquatic creature with many tentacle claws. It spews blue/red orbs at you – break the blue orbs for health and rockets.

When tentacles appear, jump when you see the tentacle shake. It will do this twice.

  • Keep shooting at the weak spot above the creature’s center until it weakens – when it’s weak, shoot the green dynamo to lower the water, then hit the plate and head to the opposite side. Fire the second generator before it recovers and it will reveal its core.
    • Shoot at the core with a rocket for massive damage, then counter the trying tentacle for even more damage.

Phase 2: During Phase 2, Drogyga attacks more often and faster. It will gather all three tentacles – when it does this, use the Grapple Beam on the upper magnetic plate, then drop to avoid its further attacks.

  • It will also generate fewer orbs, so save your rocket for its core!