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3 Best Military War Games To Play In 2021

military war games

Military war games have a lot of new games coming out every year along with some successful games from the past that still prove equally popular. It’s not easy to pick out a few video game titles, but in 2021, there are some games or coming out that may have a lot of players interested in trying it out, or some of the previous installments still have one. Pretty solid online community. In this list, we will recommend some games to watch out for this year or titles that you can check out right now.

Hell Let Loose – military war games

military war games

Hell Let Loose is another early access title with a game that takes the player into an FPS set in the Second World War. The video game takes players to various iconic battles where you will be just another soldier looking to help your team win. 

With 50 vs 50 battles, there are plenty of action battles with players being able to communicate via the in-game VoIP system. Not only will players battle with a variety of iconic weapons, but they’ll have the ability to use vehicles, support cannons, and set traps or barriers to continuing holding the line.

Since there is more strategy to play here, it is recommended to play and socialize with a group of players if not with some friends. It is therefore a team-focused game where everyone has a job and needs to stick with it to win. Like the other early access titles on this military war games list, you can expect a number of different tweaks and tweaks to be made to the game as the studio prepares to fully launch Hell Let Loose.

Battlefield 6

military war games

Battlefield isn’t like Call of Duty because we don’t get new seasons every year. The games that eventually hit the market, though, are often supported through a series of DLC and content updates. While Battlefield 1 takes players into World War I and Battlefield V takes players into World War Two, there’s no official word on where Battlefield 6 will launch players.

Even so, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has in the past commented that the next Battlefield game will be bigger than ever. It’s also a game with a lot of the same havoc the series is mostly known for, but with the next generation of console platforms available, we imagine that wherever we end up being thrown, there will be a lot of buildings and landscapes falling to pieces.

Call of Duty 2021 – military war games

military war games

Finally, we have Call of Duty 2021, which as we just mentioned in the previous point for Battlefield 6, this military war games franchise has a new installment coming out every year. In 2020, we got Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War but as of 2021, this next game still hasn’t put us in a position. 

We’ve seen all kinds of suggestions and rumors swarming around with some claiming that we’re going back to the World War II scene again. There are a lot of areas we’re waiting to be announced, such as settings, any new mechanics, along with what this means for the hugely popular battle royale game mode Call of Duty: Warzone.