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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Millia Rage Special Moves, Instant Kill

Millia Rage

Millia Rage

Millia Rage is a high-speed dive character who unleashes her surprisingly powerful high / low combined potential. Her superb mobility allows her to safely move around opponents in a neutral position as she tries to take down. To aid her in this, she possesses a unique set of tools based on luring and punishing an opponent. Once she scores the takedown and establishes her Tandem Top Okizeme, she has the ability to win an entire match with just one hit.

Millia Rage Pros & Cons

Millia Rage


  • Oki Goddess: Possessing the strongest and most stable okizeme in the game.
  • Pressure Goddess: Unprecedented high / low matching game that can be safely done with the right settings.
  • Excellent maneuverability: Great maneuverability with 2 aerial directions and excellent running speed, as well as fast dodge movements like Roll or Turbo Fall.
  • Convertable Normals: Ability to convert almost any attack into one kill.
  • Neutral Punishment: A game of strong neutrality revolves around seduction and punishment.
  • Battery: Boosts the clock fast, allowing her to spend stress on great gadgets.
  • High damage ability: The ability to deal massive damage with proper optimization.


  • Pathetic Defense: Has the second-lowest health in the game.
  • Low resistance to shock.
  • No non-metered reversal: No non-meter reversal option.
  • Need to become aggressive: Also has the highest RISC increase rate and the slowest RISC decay rate in the game.
  • Poor at neutral distance: Cannot confirm kills at the maximum range without stress.
  • Zoner Sensitive: Requires a good pin or Silent Force that manages to stay in neutral mode to avoid being camping, which also prevents her from being knocked out in the air in the middle of the screen.
  • Ground Pokes: More pure-footed characters like Sol and Faust.
  • Character combo: A lot of combos for each character, depending on height and weight.

Special Moves

  • Bad Moon: A high match appears in 16f if TK’d (2369P). 85% starting rate. Most likely to be punished on the block if done without the safety of the projectile and not useful in a neutral case, which also caused Millia Rage to shrink.
  • Turbo Fall: Millia’s command to fall rapidly changed her trajectory in the air, as she plunged down a 45-degree angle.
  • Tandem Top:

S Tandem Top: Primarily used as a combination tool in corners (mostly from 6K, c.S, or 2S) because of the wall grip it causes, this can be followed by 5K or c.S for further matching.

H Tandem Top: Millia’s key step to starting her okizeme game; Score knockout goals and place the disc above your opponent.

  • Iron Savior: That low starts with Millia Rage jumping into the air, meaning your opponent is very easy to confuse with TK Bad Moon.
  • Forward Roll: Roll Millia’s item box low to the ground, where only attacks that touch the floor can hit her. Can be used to bait dead corners in this way, as well as dodge / punish other slow jabs.
  • Lust Shaker: The combined version of this move launches faster so be sure to use it here and there after her 2D scan to adjust your opponent’s wake time, allowing for better oki setup.
  • Silent Force: Millia Rage threw her dagger down at a 45-degree angle and changed the trajectory of air if thrown while soaring.
  • Secret Garden: Create an orb above Millia’s head, which will move forward once and then in the entered directions.

Millia Rage Instant Kill

Millia Rage
  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Uses her Emerald Rain animation, but no projectile.
  • Winger> Gold IK is a very popular and practical round ender, so knowing how to combine and convert it can be helpful when the situation arises.