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Best Minecraft Custom Maps You Might Want To Try

Minecraft custom maps

Minecraft custom maps

When it comes to world creations, the online community has built incredible maps and adventures for others to enjoy. These include replicas of real locations, multiplayer arenas, exciting new game modes, indie adventure campaigns, and even intricate mazes. Every year, more and more online maps are added for players to try out. If you’re looking to enjoy a new Minecraft map then check out our Minecraft custom maps list below.

PayDay 2: Endgame – Minecraft custom maps

PayDay 2: Endgame is one of those Minecraft maps that acts as an adventure game. If you’re familiar with the PayDay video game franchise, here’s the Minecraft version of the series. For those unfamiliar with PayDay, this is a video game map in which players will make heists, steal money, and leave the scene quickly and cleanly.

However, that is easier said than done as most gamers will find that not everything will go according to plan, causing a major gunfight with the rules. With payday 2: Endgame from creator XANDER369, players will find up to three hours of gameplay that will span seven playable lists.

Not only can you enjoy this game as a single-player experience, but the game map allows for up to four players co-op. Likewise, the creators of this map have developed packs of animated textures, custom sounds, item shops, custom mobs, achievements, easter eggs, and three different places to proceed including Washington, Shanghai, and Las Vegas.

Assassins’ Creep

Assassin’s Creep is one of the Minecraft custom maps after the Assassin’s Creed video game series. If you are familiar with the series then you know that parkour has a big game. Throughout the series, players often climb tall buildings, extend rooftops, and perform frantic jumps from ledges to reach targets on the ground.

As you might have guessed, Assassin’s Creep is a Minecraft parkour map. In the game, the player is tasked with collecting nine wool blocks. Each block is set apart from a parkour challenge for you to overcome.

After the player has collected all nine wools scattered throughout the map, you will be able to unlock the final dungeon. Of course, there are some small Easter eggs to explore throughout the map and posters to collect if you want to explore.

Overall, the rules are simple like playing on peaceful difficulty along with not breaking or placing any blocks. Furthermore, in the post, there is a recommended texture pack for the map.

Zombie Castle Defenders – Minecraft custom maps

If you like Call of Duty Zombies then you will want to check out Zombie Castle Defenders. This one of the Minecraft custom maps was created by MNOPJH and works similarly to the popular game mode. Players will fight against a variety of zombies in a wave-based form.

There are a total of ninety-nine waves to overcome all of which will have different waves of zombies that will appear. Players only need to defeat the zombies when they come to your location. You should be careful because the game only grants the player six lives.

Again, like the Call of Duty Zombies game mode, players will also have the ability to purchase weapons. After each wave, the game rewards the player with two blocks of sand that can be used to purchase additional towers in your fortress, purchase random chests, or even weapons.