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Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons plays very much like any other isometric hack and slash game, only with the iconic Minecraft block. It’s a gentle introduction to Diablo-like games for those new to the genre, but it’s still challenging enough to hold the interest of even veterans. 

Replay Every Level – Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeon’s world and levels are a combination of preset designs and randomly generated rewards. While the layout of every level will remain the same (or at least similar), many of the enemies, their loot drops, and chest locations will change each time you play.

Replaying levels and tackling tougher enemies will earn you better gear.

Each level has a variety of difficulties for you to choose from – the strength and number of enemies increase as the difficulty increases. The level of the potential gear is tied to the difficulty, and you can see the drop range on the mission select screen.

Make Progress On Easy Mode

Minecraft Dungeons

Just as the difficulty of the quest determines the level of the drops you will pick up, it is the level that determines what the drops are in Minecraft Dungeons. And that means it’s smart to have options – more tiers mean more gear types.

Set the difficulty to the lowest setting to just flip through the levels and open them up. You can then check the rewards and rewards on the quest selection screen. Passing the easy levels won’t prepare you for the tougher battles in the late game (as you won’t have the right level gear) so replay the levels with high difficulty best you can manage (see above) to find better stuff.

Use Ranged Weapons – Minecraft Dungeons

There are no classes in Minecraft Dungeon, so you’ll need to use everything at your disposal to kill your enemies. You’ll always have both melee weapons and ranged bows (and some artifacts for extra power). And you’ll face a constant mix of ranged and melee enemies.

To succeed, you’ll need to use both melees and ranged weapons, and seamlessly switch between them. Use your melee weapons on approaching enemies, and save your arrows for those nasty archers and skeleton warriors.

Use Map Constantly

Minecraft Dungeons

In addition to killing mobs and freeing villagers, Minecraft Dungeons is also exploratory. Every level is complicated and has many dead ends, branching paths, and tunnels attached. Exploring every block of the map means you’ll find every secret chest and get as much loot as you can.

Pressing down on the D-pad will pull up an outline of the overlaid map on your screen. It’s a bit distracting, but you get to know where you’re going and any detours you should explore.

Holding down the D-pad will bring up a dedicated map screen. You’ll be able to see the layout of the level a bit better, but more importantly, you’ll see how many secrets (e.g. invisible chests only appear when you’re near them) and regular chests are scattered. garbage around.

The chest count includes hidden chests but doesn’t count the supply chests you’ll find before the battle.