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Broodmother – Spider-Man of the DOTA 2 world – Mini-Guide DOTA 2

Broodmother in DOTA 2

Broodmother in DOTA 2

With the current metagame, Broodmother has also been brought back to the competitive scene as a solo-offlane. Let’s find out more about how to play Broodmother, which is the most push-able champion in this Guide DOTA 2.


Before getting to know the details of how to play Io, we must understand and understand the parameters of Io to be able to use this hero more effectively.

Broodmother is one of the heroes who are gradually being noticed and selected by many professional teams for the solo-offlane position at the present time. The ability to stealth, heal, and run over terrain while standing in the spider web as well as using filed to farm has helped Broodmother gradually reappear in the solo-offlane position of DOTA 2.

  • Strength: 17 (+ 2.5 / level)
  • Agility: 18 (+ 2.2 / level)
  • Intelligence: 18 (+ 2.0 / level)
  • Base HP (Level 1/25): 473/1993
  • Mana: 234/1118
  • Damage: 44-50 / 116-122
  • Range: melee
  • Armor: 2.51 / 12.7
  • Movement speed: 295


Knowing information about the champion’s skills is also one of the good playable tips for newbies who are learning how to play Broodmother

To begin with, Spawn Spiderlings help Broodmother shoots poison at the target, dealing damage and leaving spider eggs on the target. If he dies after being hit or within 2 seconds, the spider will expand from his corpse. Range of use: 700, Damage: 75/150/225/300, Number of spiders: 1/2/3/4, Mana cost: 120, Cooldown: 10s.

Second, Broodmother uses Spin Web to create a spider web, making it invisible, increasing healing speed, movement speed while standing in the spider web. If attacked by an enemy, the bonus movement speed is reduced to half. It loses the ability to run across the terrain. Spider webs can accumulate and can be placed anywhere on the map as long as the new mesh touches an old one. Range of use: 1000, Influence of the grid: 900, Number of retaining nets: 1/2/3/4, Maximum number of grids: 2/4/6/8. Time to fade when invisible: 2s, Health regen increased per second: 2/4/6/8. Speed increased: 40% / 50% / 60% / 70%, Cooldown of 1 grid: 40s, Mana cost: 50. 

Third, Broodmother injects Incapacitating Bite poison into enemies after every bite. It causes him to run slowly and have a chance of missing basic attacks. Movement speed decreases: 10% / 20% / 30% / 40%. Miss rate: 30 % / 40% / 50% / 60%, Duration of action: 2s.

Broodmother gains increased damage and lifesteal rate on basic attacks when activating the Insatiable Hunger. Bonus damage: 60/80/100, Lifesteal rate: 60% / 80% / 100%, Duration: 14s, Mana cost: 100, Cooldown: 45s.


To be able to play Broodmother well, Depending on the opponent, you should have a suitable way to increase points. 

As a solo offlaner, you should maximize the Spawn Spiderlings’ skills first to take damage as well as call for more spiders to help farm when the opponent harasses too strongly. Spin Web skill should be increased to level 2 before gaining points on Incapacitating Bite. Because this is a skill to increase maneuverability, clinging to the lane, and sometimes skills to save your life when needed.