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Mini-Guide DOTA 2: Kunkka – Captain proud in DOTA 2

All abilities of Kunkka

All abilities of Kunkka

Kunkka is a hero with good lane control, enough to deal with huge AOE damage to an area. However, the weakness lies in the fact that too many navigation skills make using Kunkka quite unstable. Let’s learn about how to play Kunkka through the guide DOTA 2.

Kunkka - Captain proud
Captain proud


In the DOTA 2 world, Kunkka is a general capable of dealing with large area damage quite well thanks to the Tidebringer ability, which allows Kunkka to slash and deal spread damage. Thanks to this skill, in matches, this guy can only use one slash to pacify the whole world.

Before getting to know the details of how to play Kunkka, we must understand and understand the parameters of Gondar to be able to use this hero more effectively.

If you know how to use Kunkka properly, it will easily overcome the disadvantages of
If you know how to use hero properly, it will easily overcome the disadvantages of 


  • Strength: 24 (+ 3.0 / level)
  • Agility: 14 (+ 1.3 / level)
  • Intelligence: 18 (+ 1.5 / level)
  • Base HP (Level 1/25): 606/2354
  • Mana: 234/962
  • Damage: 50-60 / 142-152
  • Range: Close-range
  • Armor: 1.96 / 9.13
  • Movement speed: 300

We can see that it can be seen that the amount of strength and initial damage of Kunkka is quite high, but the amount of Agility and Agility increases on a fairly low level. This shows that Kunkka relies heavily on damage per attack instead of attack speed. So, you should give this guy the items for damage and stamina, limiting the items for attack speed.


Knowing information about the champion’s skills is also one of the good playable tips for newbies who are learning how to play Kunkka

All abilities of Kunkka
All abilities

To begin with, A torrent is a Kunkka skill that creates a wave column at a designated location after a few seconds, damaging and knocking enemies in the target area into the air. Enemies dropped will be slowed for a while.

  • Range of use: 1500
  • Influence: 225
  • Delay time: 1.6s
  • Damage caused: 120/180/240/300
  • Movement speed deducted: 35%
  • Slow time: 1/2/3 / 4s
  • Time to throw: 1.53 seconds
  • Mana cost: 120
  • Cooldown: 12s

Second, Tidebringer is a skill that helps Kunkka every few seconds, Kunkka gets a special slash, allowing for additional damage and damaging damage to an area behind the enemy hit.

  • Influence range: 500/500/500/600
  • Spread damage ratio: 100%
  • Damage increased: 15/30/45/60
  • Cooldown: 13/10/7 / 4s

Next, X Marks, the Spot is a Kunkka marker that marks a hero again, allowing him to be dragged back to the marked position or that hero returns to his marked position after a period of time.

  • Range of use: 350/550/750/1000
  • Duration on enemies: 4s
  • Duration on the team: 8 seconds
  • Mana cost: 80
  • Cooldown: 10/16/16/10

Ghostship is a skill for Kunkka to summon a ghost ship to a designated location, damaging and stunning the enemies standing in the designated area. Allies are passed by the ship and Kunkka himself will receive Rum buff to increase movement speed and be delayed to receive 50% of damage for a period of time. This amount of damage will then be recalculated at every 5% per second until a full 50% reduction is initially granted.

  • Range of use: 1000
  • Influence: 425
  • Break time to 3.07s
  • Slaughter caused: 400/500/600
  • Speed up: 10%
  • Damage reduction: 50%
  • Buff duration: 10 seconds
  • Stun duration: 1.4s
  • Mana cost: 150/200/250
  • Cooldown: 60/50 / 40s


You should maximize Tidebringer skills first to get “good lane” damage at the beginning. The Torrent and X Marks the Spot skills should be increased by 1 at the beginning and then given priority to the Torrent for additional damage.