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Mini-Guide DOTA 2: Lifestealer – Bloodsucking monster

Lifestealer hero

Lifestealer hero

Lifestealer was a pretty strong carrier early in the game of DOTA 2. But the strength did not match the current metagame makes Lifestealer gradually absent in Competitive matches. Let’s learn about how to plays Lifestealer through the Guide DOTA 2 tutorial.


He’s one of the carriers capable of tanking and causing the most damage in the world of DOTA 2. However, the lack of maneuverability and power diminished in the late game makes him no longer suitable in the current metagame.

Before getting to know the details of how to play Lifestealer, we must understand and understand the parameters of the hero to be able to use this hero more effectively.

  • Strength: 25 (+ 2.4 / level)
  • Agility: 18 (+ 1.9 / level)
  • Intelligence: 15 (+ 1.75 / level)
  • Base HP (Level 1/25): 625/2088
  • Mana: 195/1001
  • Damage: 57-67 / 134-144
  • Range: Close-range
  • Armor: 1.52 / 10.7
  • Movement speed: 315

We can evaluate that, It can be seen that the strength level on a level of him is quite large. Plus the high starting strength that makes this hero become one of the stronger heroes in the early game. In addition, the large amount of starting damage and healing skills allows him to enter the jungle early.


Knowing information about the general’s skills is also one of the good playable tips for newbies. People are learning how to play Lifestealer

Rage is a skill that helps him to rage. It makes his body immune to magic and at the same time speeding up the attack. Mana cost: 75, Cooldown: 19s. The feast is a skill that helps him drain an amount of health according to the target’s current health percent on each attack. Current rate of suctioned blood is 4% / 5% / 6% / 7%.

Open Wounds is a skill where he slows a target. It causes all of his allies’ attacks on him to drain blood. Target’s movement speed will be gradually restored. Range: 200/300/400/500, Lifesteal rate: 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%, Movement speed reduced: 70%. Duration of use: 8 seconds, Mana cost: 110, Cooldown: 24/20/16 / 12s.

Infest is a skill that causes him to creep into a unit (not a hero). If it is an enemy creep or jungle creeps, he will be able to control that creep moving and attacking the target at his disposal. When out, he will deal an amount of damage around. Use range: 150, Damage range: 700, Damage caused: 150/275/400, Mana cost: 50, Cooldown: 100.


To be able to play Lifesteal well, Depending on the opponent, you should have a suitable way to increase points. If you go towards the jungle early, you can maximize the Feast first. Conversely, if the opposing team tends to fight a lot and has a lot of disabling skills, maxing up the Rage first is a priority.

Besides, if your team owns too few skills to retain the opponent, you can go to Open Wounds early to get a slow range for this skill (this case is quite rare).