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Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee Prediction – LFL Summer – 08/11

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee prediction

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee prediction

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee prediction on August 11, 2021. It will be an uncompromising competition between Misfits Premier and Vitality.Bee in the playoffs round 2. Thereby finding the remaining ticket to the final against Karmine Corp.

Misfits Premier Overview

Misfits Premier has just gone through the playoffs round 1 against Solary when only getting 3rd place after the group stage. However, the thought that they were in trouble before the opponent, Misfits Premier got a jubilant 3-0 victory quickly. 

It can be seen how carefully they prepare for the bo5 bet and can completely aim for victory if they play right before Vitality.Bee comes here. Misfits Premier is highly appreciated by the house, which is understandable when bo5 is carefully cared for by them and has a variety of tactical gameplay.

Vitality.Bee Overview

Vitality.Bee may be able to play well in the group stage but that doesn’t mean they will keep their form. Their efforts to play fair will probably only cause problems for Misfits Premier before seeing this opponent go into the match. Finalist of LFL Summer 2021 this year.

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee prediction

As a rivalry, both Misfits Premier and Vitality.Bee will play double from the beginning in search of the first victory as a mental advantage for later games. Indeed, when there is a high probability that the match will have to go to game 5, both Misfits Premier and Vitality.Bee has understood each other too well in the past. 

Each team has their own strengths and they will thoroughly research the opponent to get the most complete view of the upcoming ban/pick series. The odds of having the first victory of both are also quite balanced. The difference is probably only in the first dragon network with the first turret. While their Misfits Premier has a superior percentage of first dragons. 

Vitality.Bee responded with 61% of the top turrets in the last group stage. Play tit for tat and this match will definitely be extremely unpredictable from the first minutes of the match. The first victory network also became unpredictable, the skills of the two teams were balanced. So the way to farm soldiers between them continuously broke out in fights or simply asked for skills back and forth.

The match will follow that and end with  Vitality.Bee despite trying hard to defend. But the power of Misfits Premier is too great and they will have a decisive victory in game 5. Thereby reuniting with Karmine Corp in this year’s LFL Summer 2021 finals.

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee bet prediction

Misfits Premier vs Vitality.Bee total score prediction:  3 – 2

  • Game 1: Misfits Premier 7 – 13 Vitality.Bee (choose Vitality.Bee – Under)
  • Game 2: Misfits Premier 20 – 14 Vitality.Bee (choose Misfits Premier – Over)
  • Game 3: Misfits Premier 15 – 8 Vitality.Bee (choose Misfits Premier – Under)
  • Game 4: Misfits Premier 10 – 14 Vitality.Bee (choose Vitality.Bee – Under)
  • Game 5: Misfits Premier 22 – 12 Vitality.Bee (choose Misfits Premier – Over)


Misfits Premier: Agresivoo, Woolite, Shlatan, Sertuss, Jactroll

Vitality.Bee: SLT, SMILEY, Skeanz, Diplex, Hustlin