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Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants Prediction – EU Masters 2021 – 09/12

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants prediction on September 12, 2021. Misfits Premier with the achievement of overthrowing the reign of Karmine Corp in France is step by step closer to their first major title on the EU Masters 2021 Summer continental arena.

Misfits Premier Overview

Misfits Premier is the team that has achieved the top performance in Group A of the EU Masters 2021 Summer group stage. The record recorded by the representative from France in this period is 5 wins and 5 losses. Entering the playoffs, the new champion of France was lucky not to have to face their compatriot Karmine Corp. This team overcame Macko Esports in the final match and successfully defended the top in table D.

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Misfits Premier10UCAM Esports Club
Misfits Premier10Anorthosis Esports

Vodafone Giants Overview

Vodafone Giants also just experienced a relatively difficult match against the weakest opponent in Group D, Macko Esports, a representative from Italy. Vodafone Giants is the 2nd name of Group D to participate in the playoffs of EU Masters 2021 Summer. They are also the 3rd name representing Spain to participate here after UCAM Esports Club (2nd in Group A) and Movistar Riders (1st in Group B). However, up to this point, Spain will also only have 2 representatives. Movistar Riders have lost 1-3 to British champion Fnatic Rising.

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Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants prediction

Many people have also thought of the dream all-France final with a rematch between Misfits Premier and Karmine Corp. In which Karmine Corp will attend this match as the defending champion in the 2021 Spring season. However, in the immediate future, this dream must be postponed when what Misfits Premier needs right now is a win to be in the semi-final against Fnatic Rising.

With a squad that has been reinforced with quality signings and a stable performance that has been maintained from the domestic tournament. Until the end of the EU Masters group stage, Misfits Premier will definitely win easily against Vodafone Giants – The final score will be 3-1.

Past Encounters

Misfits Premier01Vodafone Giants
Vodafone Giants01Misfits Premier

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants bet prediction

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Misfits Premier 
  • Game 2: Vodafone Giants 
  • Game 3: Misfits Premier 
  • Game 4: Misfits Premier 

Total score 3-1

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Misfits Premier
  • Game 2: Misfits Premier
  • Game 3: Vodafone Giants
  • Game 4: Misfits Premier

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Vodafone Giants 17 – 12 Misfits Premier
  • Game 2: Vodafone Giants 18 – 14 Misfits Premier
  • Game 3: Vodafone Giants 10 – 18 Misfits Premier
  • Game 4: Vodafone Giants 16 – 22 Misfits Premier


Misfits Premier: Woolite, Sertuss, Jactroll, Agresivoo, Shlatan

Vodafone Giants: KaSing, Miniduke, Attila, th3Antonio, 113