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Mobile Legends: 2 Awesome Skins that are Not Released

Mobile Legends

Moonton has created various cool skins that have been presented in Mobile Legends, from the Elite, Special, Starlight Epic, Collector to Legend. The appearance of the skins in Mobile Legends is usually preceded by a variety of existing skin surveys. 

From the skin survey, it will usually be presented from 3-5 months.There is also a survey skin that has yet to arrive in Mobile Legends. The following are the skins that are not released.  Which skins are they? Let’s take a look at the following!

Celestial General Balmond Skin – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

This Balmond Celestial General skin was presented in April 2018, until now it has not yet arrived at the Land of Dawn, even though previously, this Balmond skin was planned to be released as a December 2020 Showcase Event.

But in fact, Jawhead’s skin was released in the 2020 Showcase. Various reasons might be considered. One of them is the popularity of  Balmond’s is no longer an option at that time, as Yu Zhong and other offlaners who are more META are released. Besides that, Jawhead is also a popular hero for now.

Vale Perhelion Wanderer Skin

Mobile Legends

This Vale Perhelion Wanderer Skin was presented in May 2018, so far it has not yet arrived at the Land of Dawn. it is planned that this will be present soon, but in fact there is no certainty. There is also no leak related to the skills.

The latest news is that Vale’s skin is being remodeled into a hero skin, which will be released after Chou’s hero skin arrives at the Land of Dawn. However, there is no certainty regarding the exact date the Vale Perhelion Wanderer skin.

But there are also those who predicted that this Elite skin will still be different from Vale’s HERO skin, which is almost certain.

And for  the good news for Vale users is that they will soon be getting Vale Elite Kannagi skin which is scheduled to arrive in January 2021.

Those are the 2 cool skins in Mobile Legends which have not been released until now.

Stay tuned for more updates and information!