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Mobile Legends: 3 Ways to Get the Rank of Supreme in Season 19

The Rank of Supreme

Here are the 3 Ways to Get the Rank of Supreme in Season 19! The Rank of Supreme in Mobile Legends is the title most targeted by players because if they succeed in getting this title it will be respected by other players.

The Rank of Supreme

The title Supreme itself can be interpreted as the top global hero in the location the player is going to, for example, if he managed to get the Supreme title in singapore, then he is the top global hero in singapore.  Let’s look at more explanation below:

What is Mobile Legends Supreme Title 

The best players in each county, province/state, and nation of a specific hero will earn the titles “Beginner” “Junior” “Senior” and “Supreme” These titles can be seen from the player profile along with visible to other players in matchmaking and on the pre-battle loading screen. 

The title rankings are updated once a week and the player can only show one title on their profile at a time. These rankings are determined based by the results of the player in the ranked games. 

A player receives a certain amount of hero points, usually 20-30, per win in rank and loses a hero point if he loses. The title “Supreme” is bestowed on the top ten heroes of the region.

Regarding this, We will provide you with tips or easy and fast ways to get the Supreme Mobile Legends title in season 19. Let’s take a look at the following!

You Can Push Rank With Your Friends – The Rank of Supreme

The Rank of Supreme

The second way is to push rank with your friends. Why? Because you’re avoiding the possibility of being matched against poor teammates. And even though your buddies aren’t all that above average, you still know who the good ones and who the bad ones are. That means, you recognize who you can rely on and who you can play more defensively with.

Second, conversation is going to be easier—they’re your mates after all! The less toxic trash talking, the higher the odds of winning.

Third, you may decide which roles each of you will play. 

At the end of the day, playing with the same group of individuals over and over will encourage you to discuss, re-strategize, assess your efficiency and help each other develop their skills.

Consistent with the One Hero

The first way you’ve got to do that is to be consistent with the sole hero you want to get the title. Try not to get bored at all, because if you want to get the Mobile Legends Supreme title easily, then you’ll have to be persistent and motivate yourself not to get bored with the hero you’re using.

Use Non Meta Heroes – The Rank of Supreme

The last thing is to use a non-meta hero because the competitors to get this title will be reduced so that you can quickly get this ideal title.

Actually there is one fast way, namely using fake GPS, but this method is arguably less sporting because it takes advantage of remote areas with minimal Mobile Legends players to get this supreme title.

That’s all in 3 Ways to Get the Title of Supreme in Season 19! Stay tuned for more news and updates!!