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Mobile Legends: 5 Hero that Got Nerfed in the Upcoming Updates

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META is one of the benchmarks for Mobile Legends players to choose heroes. Usually META heroes are the best choice for players to use in ranked mode. Not long ago, the following heroes regained popularity after being buried for so long. 

But the bad news for the following heroes is that in the upcoming Mobile Legends update on December 15, 2020, these heroes will get nerf which can affect their overall performance. It is not impossible that the existing nerf will make these heroes out of the current META.

Let’s take a look at the following heroes that will get nerf.


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Hilda comes to the surface after drowning in many seasons. The use of Hilda as a Tank or Offlaner is often used today. But the nerf received by Hilda for her passive, where the Shield she gets when entering the bushes will reduce from 20% to 15% of her Max HP.

Harith – Mobile Legends

Harith has also returned to his performance in recent tournaments. He can be a hyper carry, offlaner or good support. But the bad news is the nerf for Harith 2nd skill (Chrono Dash). The Base shield will reduced from 150-350 to 150-300, Total magic power bonus reduced from 150% to 120%


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Pharsa is also back as a support choice after previously not being picked up too much by pro players in tournaments. The bad news is that Pharsa will get nerfed on her Ultimate skill (Feathered Air Strike) Cooldown increased from 28-22 seconds to 36-28 seconds.

Jawhead – Mobile Legends

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Jawhead is also being selected again, even though as a Tank / Support. But as a Tank / Support, Jawhead is quite annoying with his 2nd skill (Injector).  In the upcoming update his 2nd skill (Injector) will get nerf. Base shield from 600 -1000 to 350-800. Physical attack bonus from 100% to 140%


Lunox is a support and offlaner in the META now. Her presence is a frightening specter for the META at this time because of her burst damage that can kill enemies quickly.

But in the upcoming update, Lunox will get a huge nerf.

Lunox 1st Skill (Chaos) Base damage reduced from 240-360 to 200-300,

Magic power bonus increased by 120% -130%, Damage bonus reduced from 2%-4.5% to 1.5% -3.5% of the opponent’s HP. Lunox Ultimate skill (Chaos) Cooldown from 18-14 seconds to 25-15 seconds.

Those are 5 Mobile Legends heroes who will get nerfed on the original server on December 15, 2020 Updates!