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Mobile Legends: Alice Item Build 2020


Mage or Teamfight Initiator Mage? Thanks to her spammable magical spells and AoE lifesteal ultimate, Alice can do precisely both. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this guide will teach you which items you should build for her and which emblem sets and Battle Spells to select


Hero Overview – Alice

In Mobile Legends, the Queen of the Apocalypse, Alice, is a Mage hero. Unlike most Mages, though they prefer to cast spells from a distance, she’s the kind that can jump into battle right away and start a teamfight.

She has a long-range spamming ability that’s great when paired with item effects like Glowing Wand. She also has a decent CC stun, and an ultimate AoE lifesteal ability that sucks the life out of enemies-the more enemies in the area, the more HP she regains.

Skills & Abilities

Ancestry Of Blood (Passive)

When a nearby minion dies, she will produce a blood orb. Blood orb absorption will permanently raise Alice’s maximum HP by 10 pts.

Blood Flowing – Cooldown: 6s / Cost of Mana: 90

Shoot a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 350 pts of magic damage to the enemy (+180 percent Total Magic Power). The hero can then use this ability again to instantly teleport to wherever the blood blob is located.

Awe of Blood – Cooldown: 7s / Cost of Mana: 90

Deals 270 (+90 percent Total Magic Power) to nearby enemies magical damage, immobilizing them for 1.2. After that, the enemies are slowed by 2s.

Ode of Blood – Cooldown: 30s / Cost of Mana: 1355

The blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode for the next 5 seconds after using the skill, dealing 160 (+70 percent Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and at the same time restoring 80 (+30 percent Total Magic Power) pts of HP to herself.

Tanker Build – Alice

Alice is a durable tank that can jump into the enemy team and start a teamfight with the first item built. It builds around her ultimate ability that has enormous magical damage and AoE lifesteal. For almost any situation, this is a great overall item for Alice.

A great starter item is the Clock of Destiny, as it gives her max HP and magic power over a period of 5 minutes. Next, grab Demon Shoes so that you don’t run out of mana in the mid-to-early game.

Concentrated Energy is your first core item that not only gives you more base HP and magic power, but also increases your magic lifesteal capability further. This item gives Magic Lifesteal +25 percent as well as a unique passive that recovers 10 percent of your HP whenever an enemy hero is killed.

Another item that increases your tank endurance is Oracle, which, in addition to added HP, magic defense and CD reduction, increases shield absorption and HP regeneration effects by 25 percent.

For more magic lifesteal and magic force, as well as for the slow effect, get Ice Queen Wand in the late game. Finally, fill Blood Wings with your last item slot, which is ideal for the late game as it provides added HP based on your current magic power.

The Burning & Piercing Build


The next build focuses on penetrating tanks and heroes with enormous amounts of magic defense. You’re going to want a lot of Magic PEN and CD decreases, or this build. 

Holy Crystal gives you a lot of basic magic power from the get-go, and your level scales with its passive effect.

Next, Enchanted Talisman reduces the reduction of your CD ability and gives you a passive mana regeneration that retrieves mana every 10 seconds. Without worrying about running out of Mana, you can keep spamming your abilities this way.

Since with the Talisman, you already have decent mana regen, get Arcane Boots for the Magic Penetration instead of Demon Shoes. Alternatively, for the bonus CD reduction, you may go for Magic Shoes.

The Glowing Wand is a core item of this build. This item allows your skills to cast the burning effect on enemies which deals damage equal to percent of their max HP over 3 seconds.

This means that with huge amounts of HP and defense, you will not have a difficult time dealing with beefy. Spamming your Flowing Blood (1st skill) with the burn effect will make your enemies weep as you tear down their health points from a distance, thanks to your low cooldown reduction.

Get Divine Glaive in the late game to ensure your magic spells pierce down through the defenses of your enemy. Finally, get Blood Wings, perfect for a late game item, for the bonus HP that scales with your current magic power.

Battle Spells – Alice

You can’t go wrong with Petrify or Purify. You’ll want to get Purify most of the time, which gives you immunity and, when casted, removes all debuffs.

When you try to jump into the enemy team to perform your combo, this will help you prevent getting stun-locked to death. If you are going to face an enemy team with lots of stuns and disables, use this.

Alternatively, Petrify gives you an additional AoE CC that for a short period of time stuns enemies. This is great paired with your ultimate blink spell and AoE.

Recommended Emblems

Needless to say, you’ll want to get Alice’s Mage emblem set. Get the CD reduction and Magic PEN talents for Alice.