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Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Damage Build Guide

Mobile Legends

In this following guide, We will cover topics about Alucard revamped damage build and skill. Alucard is still one of the popular Jungler and assassin for lower-tier players because he is capable of delivering high damage that can one shot squishy heroes and Alucard is very easy to use too. So, What’s New With Mobile Legends Revamped Alucard build and Skills ? Let’s take a look below.

Mobile Legends

Alucard Revamp Skill – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Passive

Pursuit: An additional 50% more damage will be inflicted if Alucard’s skill only hits one enemy.

Unlike his previous version Alucard’s 1v1 ability is significantly enhanced so to activate the full damage output make sure to use his skill only on one enemy for an additional 50% more damage and don’t forget to use basic attack for every skill used.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Skill 1

Ground Splitter: This skill is a combination of a Blink and Area of Effect Skill. Alucard jumps to a location chosen by the player, upon landing he’ll slash an enemy inside the area and deal Physical Attack Damage. It is recommended to use this skill on one enemy only to activate the bonus 50% more damage.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Skill 2

Whirling Smash: This skill is also an Area of Effect Skill. Alucard swings his sword in a circular area around him, enemies inside the area will be inflicted with a Physical Damage. In order to fully maximize the damage of this skill make sure to hit only one enemy to activate the additional 50% more damage.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Ultimate Skill

Fission Wave: This skill is a combination of a Buff and Burst Skill for Alucard. When activated without a creep or hero inside the generated field. Alucard will increase his lifesteal for a short time and can fire an energy wave forward that deals Physical Damage. Since Alucard will gain an additional Physical Lifesteal his skills will inherit 50% of that as their Spell Vamp which means that every damage Alucard does will regenerate a portion of his health.

Alucard Revamp Damage Item Build

Mobile Legends
  • Warrior Boots is a good choice for Alucard because Warrior boots increase movement speed and physical armor that’s useful to increase Alucard’s defense.
  • After purchasing Warrior Boots, Alucard needs Endless Battle. This item is great for Alucard because it increases his physical attack, max health, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal. 
  • After getting Endless Battle, Alucard needs to increase his physical damage. We recommend Blade of Despair. It increases his physical damage by 170 points and movement speed by 5. Blade of Despair’s passive gives Alucard additional physical damage by 25% when attacking an enemy with HP lower than 50%.
  • Berserker’s Fury is a critical item for Alucard. It increases Alucard damage output, critical chance, and critical damage.
  • Next, is a defensive item called the Queen’s Wing. It makes Alucard more durable in the battle. It grants physical damage, cooldown reduction, and max health. Its passive skill increases Alucard’s lifesteal by 30% when his HP is lower than 40%.
  • Lastly, purchase Scarlet Phantom. We recommend Scarlet Phantom because it increases physical damage, attack speed, and additional critical chance. For alternative, you can use Immortality instead of Scarlet Phantom.