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Mobile Legends: Chang’e Items Build from the Champion of MPLI 2020!


Chang’e used by AE Pai, one of the Alter Ego players who won the MPLI 2020, successfully captivated the audience. The Chang’e item build used by Offlaner Alter Ego contributed a lot to the team’s performance. AE Pai’s ability as an Offlaner was even recognized by Oura, the player who became the MVP of the M1 World Championship. According to the former EVOS player, Pai possess excellent individual skills. 


Chang’e has deadly skills, Behind her innocent and adorable looks. Not to mention that In the early game, she is already equipped with a damaging basic attack. When Chang’e item build is complete, this Hero can be a huge threat to her enemies. She is also effective when pushing rank.

Recommended Chang’e Build from MPLI Champion

The following Chang’e Item build is taken from AE Pai.

Magic Shoes 

This shoe serves to increase movement speed and shorten cooldown. With this  item, you will be able to spam skills frequently.

Divine Glaive 

For early game damage, you can use Divine Glaive.  Not only does it increase your Magic Power but also added  40% of Magic PEN.

Ice Queen Wand 

Besides adding Magic Power, Ice Queen Wand  also adds Mana and  Lifesteal. With this, you no longer need to go back and forth to base and you can often spam your skill.

Holy Crystal 

Holy Crystal will increase Chang’e damage even further. In addition, this item has a passive that will increase your Magic Attack by 21-35%. 

Glowing Wand 

Glowing Wand has various functions. In addition to adding damage, this item also increases your HP by 400 HP. Your movement speed will also increase by 5%. One more advantage of Glowing Wand is its passive skill. This item has a Scorch effect that will burn the target for three seconds.

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